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    (Note - This contains a brief rant. I am trying my best not to lose my shit. If you're unhappy with what has been sent here, please don't respond or read.)

    ...(sigh) Sometimes I don't get Rockstar. I have contacted their support five times in the past 3 months - The first three were all solved without problem, but the past two cases have been utter bull.

    On the 7th of November, 2017, I bought a Karin Kuruma (the non-armored one, mind you) from the in-game web. No problem whatsoever. I've bought a lot of cars in the past, so I had no issue buying another. I needed to fill out my new garage, and I thought the Kuruma was a good car. Now, where has the problem?

    The car never came. 

    Yes, I shit you not - The car did not come at all. I never got theā€¦

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    Since I am a person who always concentrates when playing the GTA games, I really don't like either of these cameras. The former for being bothersome during the least expected moments and causing you to only have a very minor glimpse of where you're going, and the latter is something I think they kind of wasted on.

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