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    Ok guys, I think there's going to be a Playable DLC Character for GTA V! So first off, I don't think that there's going to be a DLC Character because of a Tweet from Rockstar or a Developer of the game or something, I think there's going to be a DLC Character because of these reasons:

    • 1. The Character wheel:
    You know the Character wheel that let's you change Characters? Well, there's 4 Character Slots, but only 3 Playable Characters... I mean, there could be a Mission that let's you change to a 4th Character, but I wouldn't see why they would add that for 1 Mission...
    • 2. DLC for GTA IV:
    In GTA IV there was 2 DLC Packs, both added a whole new Playable Character. So if that game did it, maybe they will do it again!

    I would love to see Niko Bellic…

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