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  • T11C

    Hello everyone, Moses here.

    I wanted to let a quick little rant escape my mind, please stay if you wish.

    As a huge R* fan, I support most-everything (like 98%) of things they do, wether it be a new game for a franchise I don't really care for, or the simplest of add-on content. I understand that every game ever made has its haters, but why bother insulting a company via social media? This happens to every game.

    Recently, as in like 45 minutes ago, Rockstar Games uploaded a new photo to Facebook about there being 2 new unlockable T-shirts available for GTA Online this weekend, and I personally felt like the only person who was excited. The t-shirts can be seen below, along with the hatred.

    [I know I missed scribbling out my pic, but I could ca…

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  • T11C

    R* Warehouse & UPS Tracking

    September 16, 2013 by T11C

    Sup guys n gals

    This is my first time ordering something via the Warehouse and my first time using UPS Tracking. I wanted to see if any of you knew how it works or how long it usually takes. I preordered GTAV back in april (w/ free kifflom tshirt) and I received a confirmation email from the warehouse Saturday morning saying it's been shipped to UPS. According to UPS tracking they have the shipping & billing information but not the package.

    I'll be honest, I'm a little scared XD since it comes out tomorrow. Like most of you, I've been waiting for this game since Day 1. Fingers are crossed though. Anyways, I wanna know if anyone knows if either UPS/UPS tracking or R*Warehouse are notorious for being late/inaccurate.

    I'm super anxious to get my…

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  • T11C

    After watching the Michael Franklin Trevor trailer this morning, I noticed something peculiar about the cars in the background of several clips.

    I noticed that there appears to be 2 different models/designs for the Buffalo. Here are some images, taken directly from the trailer using a snipping tool.

    There is the possibility that the first 2 cars are the same, Side Vent and Rims(?) modified. Possibly a vehicle R* has used during a playthrough of the game's missions that has been customized.

    However, the 3rd image is where I question if there are 2 variants of the Buffalo in the game. The third picture clearly has taillights like GTA IV's Buffalo. Both the FIB and civilian variants had taillights like the 3rd image. It's difficult to tell but I…

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