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R* Warehouse & UPS Tracking

T11C September 16, 2013 User blog:T11C

Sup guys n gals

This is my first time ordering something via the Warehouse and my first time using UPS Tracking. I wanted to see if any of you knew how it works or how long it usually takes. I preordered GTAV back in april (w/ free kifflom tshirt) and I received a confirmation email from the warehouse Saturday morning saying it's been shipped to UPS. According to UPS tracking they have the shipping & billing information but not the package.

I'll be honest, I'm a little scared XD since it comes out tomorrow. Like most of you, I've been waiting for this game since Day 1. Fingers are crossed though. Anyways, I wanna know if anyone knows if either UPS/UPS tracking or R*Warehouse are notorious for being late/inaccurate.

I'm super anxious to get my hands on the Elegy RH8 :)

Thanks,   T11C

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