Hello, I'm pretty sure none of you know of me. I'm here to share with you some GTA dreams I've had over the course of just this week. Most are about GTA V, but some are my versions of a few future titles, which you'll see soon enough. (Also, I don't know why I didn't make this as a comment, I guess because of the future title dreams) Here we go:

1. My first dream involved Franklin, Trevor, and Michael attacking an abandoned factory used as a front by an unamed gang, eventually killing everyone inside and escaping it as the gang's reinforcements destroy it in an act of revenge, narrowly escaping. The gang looked like a modernized version of the Diablos, but, I'm not sure if that's who it was. Michael was the escpae driver, while Trevor went in through the front, and Franklin went through the back. Their getaway vehicle was a Hardballer, a four-doored lowrider. They then went back to Trevor's house, ending the mission.

2. My second dream involved Michael and Franklin working for the Korean Mafia out of Little Seoul. Their leader, Kim Parks, calls Franklin and Michael, telling them that he's willing to pay them big if they come to the Korean Mob's clubhouse. Michael and Franklin agree and go over there (He called Michael while he was riding bikes with Jimmy, and he called Franklin while he was driving around with Lamar. Franklin dropped him off at his house and drove over to the clubhouse. They got to the clubhouse, which looked like the Portland safehouse's interior in GTA 3, while it's exterior resembled a police station. Kim looks up and tells the men he's with to leave him alone for a minute and motioned Michael over, where he sees Franklin sitting on a recliner. Michael sits down and Kim tells them about the war between the Yakuza and the Koreans. He tells Franklin to drive a boat out to a  cargo barge used by the Yakuza that's out miles away from San Andreas, on it's way to Japan, while Michael is to steal a Yakuza Annihilator, a cherry-red Annihilator that rests on their leader's penthouse apartment. Michael, knowing he couldn't possibly survive going up there guns blazing, as several Yakuza snipers stand on top of all the buildings around the apartment, all armed with either RPG's or sniper rifles, and katana's and pistols, so he decides to disguise himself as a Yakuza member. After knocking one out inside of an alley, he puts on the disguise and uses a Sleeping Dogs-like fast talking system, but the player has to press buttons to pick answers, while correct answers lead to the person backing off, some answers have them letting you in, but give you a warning, while wrong answers lead to a fight, with nearby police or gangsters will attack you. Eventually, he reaches the top, and flies to the barge. Play then changed to Trevor, who was running from Blaine County Sherifs Office policemen after freeing Ron from the Offices' holding cells (as told by their dialouge). Trevor run from the officers on a four-star, while driving a Flatbed similar to the GTA 3 Flatbed, even without a roof. They eventually bail from it after they drive by Ron's house due to the FBI waiting there, finding out, after some digging, that he lives there, and watch as the truck careens off the ridge and crashes in the river below. Ron calls a man named Shawn. As soon as he hangs up, the police arrive. Trevor and Ron take cover behind a boulder, and fire back. After about 2-4 minutes, the FBI arrives. A couple minutes later, a cutscene plays as six stars appear, and it shows two trucks resembling Cartel Cruisers parking on a ridge, and four men step out. It shows the back of one, and it says "U.S. Marshals". They fire at Trevor and Ron, and Ron gives Trevor a sniper rifle to snipe them. He kills them, and as soon as the fourth one dies, the police overwhelm the two, but, when they are about to kill them, a Barracks OL rams through the cars. Ron claims it's Shawn, and they get in and run away. Play then shifts to Franklin, and he stands behind cover, waiting for Michael to cause the distraction. Michael appears, and attacks the barge. Franklin takes advantage of the events and kills evryone except the captain, as Kim tells him to keep him alive and bring him back to the clubhouse. Franklin carries the captain towards his boat, but, it is blown up by the Coast Guard, who then storm the ship. Franklin gets in Michael's helicopter and they fly back to the clubhouse, where Kim tells them he'll get some answers about the Yakuza's locations. He pays them while Trevor and Ron arrive at Shawn's house in Sandy Shores, and it works as a safehouse, despite the fact that Trevor's house isn't being investigated. Shawn's house included a TV, kitchen, bathroom, couch and recliner, garage, three bedrooms, one for him and his wife, the other two for his two children, and a backyard with a basketball goal, doghouse, which is where his dog, Bone, and it's puppies can be found inside and around the yard, a swimming pool, and bird pen. He has a Barracks OL in his garage, a Banshee, Sabre GT, Sanchez, and a Quad in his garage, along with a bicycle, skateboard, a second Sanchez, and a Hellenbach in his driveway, which is where players can store vehicles even before it's accesible (as seen  earlier in this dream). You could enter his garage before this, but you couldn't drive his vehicles, even though they remain at the house the whole game. There's also a basement in the house, where you can find a C4 pickup and drink beer at. He also has an armory in the bird pen, with several different kinds of weapons. Ron sleeps on the couch, meaning Trevor sleeps in the back of the Barracks OL, which has a matress in the back of it.

(I will put more dreams on here soon, I have more, but I don't have time to put any more right now.)