Okay, I know that most fans of R* are looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 and would want new things added into the game, here's my wishlist and if you want, leave your own wishlist in the comments. If anyone knows Sam or Dan Houser's Email account(s), leave it in the comments as well.

Plot: Set GTA V in San Andreas, 2015, where the protagonist, Samuel Buffer, age 22, flies to San Andreas to start a new life and to seek revenge on the people who killed his family on his 18th birthday. He meets his uncle, Daniel Buffer, 52, a member of the Russian mafia, who brings him to the Mafia mansion but is assassinated, Sam kills the assassin and takes the role of his uncle after his death and swears revenge. From here on out, R* will have to come up with the plot.

Protagonist: Name: Samuel Joseph Buffer Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 1.6m Weight: 50kg Nationality: American Details: Has connections to Russian Mafia via uncle, highly skilled at using weapons and strong. Practitioner of Parkour. Hair and eyes are both brown.

Weapons & Combat: I think GTA V should have quite a number of weapons. Here's my list (names in brackets are generic names and a * means the weapon is used by law enforcement. a + means the weapon is classic) [All weapons have realistic ranges]:

  • Unarmed: Fists, Healing items, Improvised Weapons
  • Melee: Knife [based off the Buck-184 Buckmaster], Machete+, Fire Axe, Nightstick*, Baseball Bat, Sledgehammer.
  • Handguns: Glock 17* (Light Pistol), Desert Eagle .357 (Combat Pistol), Glock 18* (Automatic Pistol) [Full Auto], AMT AutoMag .44 (Heavy Pistol), FN Five-seveN+ (Classic Pistol) [20 rounds, Pistol variant]
  • Shotguns: Mossenberg 500* (Pump Shotgun), Remington 11-87* (Combat Shotgun), Stevens Model 311D (Sawn-off Shotgun), AA-12* (Auto Shotgun) [Full Auto], Protecta Bulldog+ (Classic Shotgun) [12 rounds, Combat Shotgun variant]
  • Sub-machine Guns: Micro-Uzi (Micro SMG) [32 round mag], Uzi (SMG), MP5 A5* (Combat SMG) [No stock], FN P90* (Assault SMG) [No Silencer], Thompson+ (Classic SMG) [30 round mag, Combat SMG variant]
  • Assault Rifles: AK-47 (Assault Rifle) [40 rounds], M4A1* (Carbine Rifle), FN-SCAR-L* (Combat Rifle), M249E2 SAW* (Light Machine Gun), Ruger AC-556+ (Classic Assault Rifle) [20 rounds, Assault Rifle variant]
  • Sniper Rifles: Remington 700 (Sniper Rifle) [10 round mag], PSG-1 (Combat Sniper), WA2000 (Advanced Sniper), SIG 552 Scoped* (Automatic Sniper), Winchester Model 70+ (Classic Sniper Rifle) [5 round magazine, bolt-action, Sniper Rifle variant]
  • Heavy Weapons: RPG-7+ (RPG), Brugger & Thomet GL-06 (Grenade Launcher), M23 MGL (MGL), M60E2* (Advanced Machine Gun), Barret M82 (Heavy Sniper)
  • Thrown: M26 Frag* (Grenade), Molotov Cocktail, Tear Gas Grenade* [Produces a cloud of tear gas which will make anyone in it cough and lose health, for players, they will just lose health. Effects are removed when the Gas Mask is equipped], Sticky Bomb [GTA TBoGT Style], Pipe Bomb+ [TLaD Style]
  • Others: Gas Mask* [Removes the Tear Gas's effects on the wearer], NV Goggles* [Allows the wearer to see in the dark], Tactical Vest* [Doubles the wearer's armour], Parachute [GTA TBoGT Style]

The Classic weapons are cheapest of their kind and great substitutes if you are short of cash.

You can hide in the shadows and become invisible to NPCs unless they are wearing the NV Goggles, also happens the other way around for other players. The melee system is similar to the GTA IV one but with some differences, you can execute opponents like in Manhunt 2.

Sniper Rifles can be used without using the scope. Tapping the 'aim' button will not utilize the scope, holding the 'aim' button for 1 second then releasing it will bring up the scope.

Weapon models will move while reloading (Magazine can be seen taken away and put back, cocking handle, shotgun shells can be seen loaded into gun etc.) / cocking (Bolt or pump moves while cocking)/ firing (all pistols' cocking slide move when firing). Correct reloading animations (hand goes to bolt, not to an invisible one).

A M2 Browning .50cal HMG is in the game, mounted at some areas and, in multiplayer and certain missions, can be deployed by players. You can pick up Improvised Weapons with different types plus they can be holstered:

  • Thrown: The same as GTA IV and can distract people.
  • Melee: Kinda like Bully, use weapon for a while until it breaks. There are a few categories: Short and Blunt (Mallet, Hammer, Pliers, Wrench, Lead Pipe etc.) , Short and Sharp, (Chisel, Razor Blade, Scalpel, Syringe, Glass Shard etc.), Long and Blunt (Crowbar, Cricket Bat, Shovel, Pole, Golf Club, Umbrella etc.) and Long and Sharp (Pickaxe, Icepick, Hatchet, Dovetail Saw, Hacksaw, Bonesaw etc.).
  • Shields: These function as shields to protect you and can be thrown as a ranged weapon or put down to move it. These include: Pedestrians, wooden boards, trash can, crate, propane tanks, gas cans etc. You can only use one handed weapons while holding a certain shields, others need 2 hands to hold so you cannot use a weapon.
  • Firearms: Some of them aren't even lethal weapons but have longer range than the other Improvised Weapons. There are only a few: Fire Extinguisher, Nailgun and a Paintball Pistol (RAP226), all of which cannot be used by zombies.

Sam knows Parkour and has higher jumps and can traverse over obstacles faster than Niko, Johnny and Luis. He also receives minor damage when falling from 10 feet to 15 feet, past that, he starts losing major health. He can also go prone or crawl under obstacles or through vents respectively. Sam can also do uppercuts, high kicks, roundhouse kicks and sucker punches at will.

One can execute opponents with any weapon like Manhunt 2.

Police: Instead of the 6-star system, have an 8-star system:

  1. Caused by a minor offence like hurting someone, a officer will demand a fine of $50 from you. If you don't or can't pay, it will escalate into a 2-star wanted level. In multiplayer, the player has to bribe the cops with $500.
  2. Same as GTA IV (1-star) just with an extra offence, pickpocketing and the cops will beat you with nightsticks.
  3. Same as GTA IV (2-star). From here on out, a News Maverick will film you.
  4. Same as GTA IV (3-star) . Cops bring Carbine Rifles and Combat SMGs along. LMGs are used in helicopters.
  5. Same as GTA IV (4-star) . SWAT helicopters come in.
  6. Same as GTA IV (5-star). Agents start flying from the skies with parachutes.
  7. Same as GTA IV (6-star) . APC is used by SWAT.
  8. Homeland Security comes along with Advanced Machine Guns, Rhinos and Hunters.

Wanted system follows GTA IV's 'radius system'.

Bring back the Good Citizen Bonus.

Just SAPD officers will do. No need for LV/LS/SF and so on.

When one gets arrested, his/her will be jailed for a number of game days, one can serve his/her sentence or breakout. Breakouts involve 3 steps:

  1. Escape cell: Kill a guard or anything to get out.
  2. Collection: Get to the evidence room and take your stuff.
  3. Extraction: Call SHIELD or the Mafia, get extracted via helicopter and get delivered to your safehouse.

Vehicles: Keep all vehicles from GTA IV & EFLC including the multiplayer vehicles.

Add in the Jetski, Dodo, (Sea) Sparrow, Hunter, Rhino but with some changes, Dodo's variant has twin machine guns on it's wings (Fighter), Hunter keeps the ability to auto aim but with crosshairs, the Rhino is based off the M1 Abrams with machine guns and a cannon and crushes vehicles, not blow them up.

Also add in a SWAT chopper, it's basically a Maverick with a heavy machine gun and rockets and can seat 4 people.

Bring back the Hellenbach GT and V8 Ghost.

Sam can open the back of vehicles and take stuff from them, civilian cars can have random stuff, food (for health), drugs or money, Branded vans or trucks can have their products in them, Sam can also go into the back of the vehicle for cover, Police vehicles can have armour, first aid (for health), weapons and ammo, Ambulances can have, first aid kits and adrenaline.

Some vehicles have interiors which can be explored (Train, Bus, Coach etc.)

Helicopters and boats can be saved at certain safehouses.

One can use assault rifles and shotguns from cars if s/he is a passenger

Health & Armour: Pretty much the same as GTA IV but with some differences: Health

  • Total Health: double that of GTA IV, shown as a bar roughly 10 cm long at the bottom left of the screen
  • Food and Drink will make you gain 50% of your total health except meals
  • Adrenaline will slow time down and allow you to dodge bullets
  • First aid kit will heal you fully
  • Sam can also keep healing items, one first-aid kit, 5 Adrenaline pill bottles and one food or drink item.


  • Total Armour: same as GTA IV but represented as a bar roughly 5 cm long above the health bar
  • Bulletproof Vests will refill your armour

The player can choose to eat a meal or a takeaway at restaurants. A meal will give the player full health.

When one is 'Wasted', s/he will be sent to the nearest hospital and can keep his/her weapons.

World: San Andreas should be slightly smaller, 35 square km but with all the notable areas (desert, forest etc).

Sam also uses a phone for communication and other stuff like in GTA IV.

Parts of the world can be destroyed like weak brick walls, weak doors, air vent covers, glass and so on.

There should be an offshore dock that plays some part in the story.

Keep the casinos and nightclubs from LC and SA.

Bring back diving.

Parts of the world will leak toxic gas like in the sewers.

There are safehouses in certain areas so you can save certain vehicles like boats (near docks) and helicopters (with helipads).

Flying Rats are replaced with targets with bullseyes

Small trees (1-2m tall) can be destroyed

Sam can deal drugs like in GTA CW but with only 3 drugs:

  • Coke (Cocaine): Low Cost, Low Risk
  • Brown (Heroin): Medium Cost, Medium Risk
  • Weed (Cannabis): High Cost, High Risk

Risk is the chance that an undesirable event will happen (eg. Cop sting, Fake Drugs, Hostile Dealers and so on). Sam can keep the drugs that he currently has in every safehouse

There are a total of 8 safehouses, one in each area (Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Red County, Flint County, Bone County, Whetstone and Tierra Robada, not in any order). Each safehouse has a safe to keep drugs and some cash in.

The 1st,2nd and 4th safehouses are average while the 3rd has a helipad, 5th, near the docks, 6th, on an offshore dock, 7th a warehouse (so you can keep more cars, store guns and drugs that you currently have) and the 8th, a mansion with a helipad, dock and warehouse next to it (in order of availability).

Sam can buy 'Empire Buildings' like in GTA VCS. Each building has 3 upgrades:

  1. Small Business: Low Income.
  2. Medium Venture: Medium Income
  3. High Roller: High Income

SHIELD Security: More or less a new feature in the game, a security company that can be hired by the player to defend their Buildings. SHIELD is armed with a large array of weapons to defend their targets

Weapons: Melee: Crowbar, Nightstick, Sledgehammer Handguns: Combat Pistol, Auto Pistol Shotguns: Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun SMGs: SMG, Assault SMG Assault Rifles: Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, LMG

Guards can be hired to guard Empire Buildings or the player.

Bodyguard role: 2 SHIELD agents will use pistols, shotguns and assault rifles and follow the player, shooting any attackers.

Empire Defenders (all weapons stated are random):

  1. 2 SHIELD agents will use melee and pistols.
  2. 4 SHIELD agents will use shotguns and SMGs.
  3. 6 SHIELD agents will use LMGs and a HMG is on the balcony of your building.

Vehicles: SHIELD Sentinel: Heavily armoured Sentinel (Bullet/Explosion/Fire proof, includes glass and tyres) SHIELD Maverick: Heavily armoured Maverick (Same as Sentinel, has mounted minigun) SHIELD Speeder: Heavily armoured Speeder (Same as Sentinel, better handling than most boats)

Music: Have a station dedicated to rap and put in some Eminem, Dr Dre, Ice Cube and 50 Cent.

Cheats: Cheats are entered via phone like GTA IV but more are generic. Here's my list, CbT stands for Can be Toggled, (B) means that achievements will be blocked, the number in the [brackets] is the number to dial for the cheat:

  • Infinite Health & Armour (CbT) (B) [INF-555-HEAL]: Self-explanatory. Some achievements will be deactivated while cheat is active.
  • Infinite Ammo (CbT) (B) [GUN-555-AMMO]: Self-explanatory. You still need to reload, though. Again, achievements will be blocked if cheat is active.
  • Give Weapon Set [GUN-555-????]: Gives a set of weapons to the player.
  • Wanted up [COP-555-0150]
  • Wanted down (B) [COP-555-0100]
  • Spawn Parachute [FLY-555-PARA]
  • Spawn Gas Mask [GAS-555-SPWN]
  • Spawn NV Goggles [NTE-555-SPWN]
  • Spawn Cars: [CAR-555-????]
  • Spawn Motorbikes: [MBK-555-????]
  • Spawn Bicycle: [BIK-555-????]
  • Spawn Boat: [WET-555-????]
  • Spawn Attack Helicopter [FLY-555-????]
  • Friend Related [BFF-555-????]
  • Customize Vehicle [CAR-555-CUST]: Customize vehicle before spawning.
  • Custom weapon set [GUN-555-CUST]: Customize your weapon set and the weapons in it.

Graphics: Use the RAGE engine again and this time, have chunkier headshots like in Manhunt 2.

Multiplayer: Put in a zombie mode with a few special zombies, zombies can regenerate health by eating corpses:

'Normal': The fast kind of zombie. Can throw it's head if it cant reach. Default health: 100HP

'Bloat': A fat zombie who can open his ribcage to spray it's guts all over the survivors, blows up when killed. Default health: 125 HP

'Bullimic': Pukes stomach acid onto the survivors, explodes on death. Default Health: 200HP

'Blood Flinger': Flings blood at the survivors, each handful of blood takes the same amount of health as a head. 1 throw costs 25HP. Default health: 500HP

'Titan': A strong zombie, 2m tall, can throw shields long distances. Default health: 1000HP

'Swordsman': Kind of like the Reaper from Dead Frontier. 'Sword' arm seems metallic and can be set on fire for extra damage. Default health: 750HP

'Behemoth': A gigantic super strong zombie capable of using streetlamps as clubs and throw cars. Default health: 2500HP

All zombies can be played by humans, dead survivors can be eaten by zombies for health. The game will also spawn AI survivors who wander around the map also trying to escape, the survivors can use them as extra muscle, the zombies can hunt them for health and practice.

Zombie players who have 10 achievements can become 'Crawlers' after getting killed, a Crawler crawls at a slower speed but can hide in bushes or go into areas other zombies cannot.

Zombies can be infectious, which is shown as a green fog hanging around them, their attacks will infect a survivor who, without getting healed, will turn into a zombie within one minute.

Survivors can use tools to build structures to block off the zombies. The tools are as follows:

  • Claw Hammer (Works on wood, follows default time to build structure)
  • Mallet (Works on wood, half the default time)
  • Nailgun (Works on wood, quarter of default time)
  • Screwdriver (Works on metal, follows default time)
  • Wrench (Works on metal, half the default time)
  • Blowtorch (Works on metal, quarter of the default time)

These tools can be used to build structures. The structures are listed below:

  • Watchtower: (Pre-made, can only be reinforced)
  • Barricade: (Pre-made, sometimes broken and needs to be fixed)
  • Wall: (Pre-made, can be reinforced or repaired)
  • Ladder: (Can be built on vertical surfaces)
  • Barrier: (Can be built on any flat surface)

Players will have to fight through San Andreas and get rescued at Verdant Meadows to an offshore dock.

Put an 'Cheat' mode which can be toggled by the host, if it is on, all players can use cheats which are already installed in the phone but achievements and ranked money cannot be earned.

Put in a holdout mode where players are against the cops with a stockpile of weapons while on a cargo ship and docks, shipping in some drugs. A Skylift will pick up the containers and ship them off, at points in the game, a Maverick will fly and hover over the helipad at the docks, allowing 2 players to become gunners, a heavy machine gun is mounted on the ship which players can use for extra firepower. Cops will use all means necessary to kill players, they will be at a 6 to 8-star wanted level. Respawn time will be 10 seconds.

Keep everything else from GTA IV's multiplayer including the Rank system

Thats all I can think of right now. Leave your wishlists in the comment section below. I would personally playtest the game's beta if given the chance so please let R* know about this.