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  • That Lamborghini Guy

    Hey guys. So I came up with a plan; All Pegasus vehicles that only spawn in one colour when they're called for, yet are seen in different colours in missions and such, we should note down that they only spawn in one colour when called for.


    • Insurgent Pick-Up - Only spawns in olive drab when called for, yet seen in Black in Heists, and dark Blue in Extraction.
    • Technical - Only spawns in rusty white when called for, yet seen in Brown in Extraction.
    • Valkyrie - Only spawns in gray when called for, yet seen in Black in Heists, and Sandy brown in a new mission (the variant without the cannon).
    • Mule (Armored) - only spawns blank white when called for, yet seen in Black during Heists.

    List in the comments any others you can think of. Remember, …

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  • That Lamborghini Guy

    Yo guys! So, you may have noticed in the Wiki's Recent Activity that I've been adding "(in-game model)" engine observe details into the GTA V Performance Overview sections. 

    I've just come to state that, while Monk added the original engine details, he WASN'T wrong about them; Monk was simply basing the facts he inserted from the top view of the engine, which was correct to his observing. HOWEVER, the Rockstar Editor includes a Camera feature that allows you to view inside the engine completely, because of this, it's possible to see right inside the engine, and the inside engine layouts (eg V8, I4, I3, etc; what I've been looking at and adding) DIFFER from the top views (eg; what Monk was basing his estimations on).

    Let me give an example;

    The Granger. …

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