Yo guys! So, you may have noticed in the Wiki's Recent Activity that I've been adding "(in-game model)" engine observe details into the GTA V Performance Overview sections. 

I've just come to state that, while Monk added the original engine details, he WASN'T wrong about them; Monk was simply basing the facts he inserted from the top view of the engine, which was correct to his observing. HOWEVER, the Rockstar Editor includes a Camera feature that allows you to view inside the engine completely, because of this, it's possible to see right inside the engine, and the inside engine layouts (eg V8, I4, I3, etc; what I've been looking at and adding) DIFFER from the top views (eg; what Monk was basing his estimations on).

Let me give an example;

The Granger. From top view, without going inside the engine, you can see it is a V8. Clearly. However, when going inside, you can see 4 Inlet Manifolds (thank you Monk for this word :P), and 4 Exhaust Manifolds, meaning it is an Inline-4 (alongside a Turbocharger). So, in reality, Monk wasn't wrong about the "V8" thing, as you cannot see the inlet/exhaust manifolds from the top view,

So really, Rockstar have done a terrible job of modelling their engines; the engine cover/top view is different from what actually is modeled inside the engine. Obviously, Monk isn't at home therefore he cannot confirm that I am right about some of the observed layouts I have added, but I'm certain I'm correct :) 

Thanks for your time :)