When i first got my hands on the game i was really excited to play it and i enjoyed playing it. I've spent hours and hours playing. I finished the game and want to share my thoughts about this game to everyone.

If you haven't completed the game yet don't watch because it will contain spoilers


  • This is my review of GTA V so don't say i suck because of which characters i like, etc.
  • You are allowed to post your own thoughts in the comment section if you want.
  • Enjoy reading my review!


The protagonists have each another lifestyle.

Michael De Santa

Michael is the first character you play as in the game. After a shootout and chase with the cops, he escapes from Canada and moved to Los Santos a while later. I totally forgot who he was in the first mission. I began to like him when seeing him reunite with his former best friend. Michael is a very good protagonist and i hope he returns in other GTA's. But he is not my favourite.

Trevor Phillips

When first seeing Trevor having some sexy time with Ashley Butler from The Lost and Damned i dind't like him, especially when he killed Johnny Klebitz, one of my favourite GTA protagonists. But later i began to like Trevor more and more he also has an interesting relationship with Michael and a good storyline. I like him more than Michael but he is not my favourite out of the three.

Franklin Clinton

Playing as Franklin was very, very fun. You first see him as a guy doing repo stuff along with Lamar Davis, his friend who is described as "crazy". In the first mission they repo two sports cars for Simeon Yetarian, a car dealer. After crashing into Simeon's car dealership you begin to hang out with Michael. He later changed into a gangster and also met Trevor Phillips, one of Michael's old buddies.


The heists were fun to do and i sometimes replay those missions for fun. It was also fun to see Packie McReary from GTA 4 return and to use him as a crew member, he asks very much though. The heists are very realistic. The planning, getaway car, crew, etc.

Here is a list of crew members i used the most in my first playthrough.


Some returning characters of the old GTA's.

I really like that some of the characters from the old GTA's returned in this game like Rocco Pelosi and Niko Bellic. Though i dind't recgonize Rocco at first cause he looked different.



The graphics are amazing and beautiful. I stared at the skyline of Los Santos for a few minutes, i really, really, really like the character models too. They looked very real.

GTA Online

Alright, because its still not the 1st of October yet im not gonna talk about this too much. But from what i have heard and read about GTA Online, i think it will be much as enjoyable as the single player, sure in Deathmatch you will rage very hard when killed just like in Call of Duty but i think it will be great!

Favourite Characters

I want to close this review with some of my favourite characters that have appeared in GTA V.


And to close this blog i wanna give GTA V a rating:


This game was a perfect and funny game with a good sense of humor. I dind't care about the bad things i just focused on playing the game and i enjoyed it for a long time! I can't wait for the multiplayer to come out!