Hey people. I accidently joined this wiki in 2010 under the username BULLY'S BIGGEST FAN. I didn't want a account here then, but now I'm joinning you people. I'm now TheToughGuy and the Grand Theft Auto series is one of my favorite series of all time (also Manhunt, Red Dead and Bully). Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was the very first videogame I ever played and I still love it to this day. I still played other games in the series like GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA: San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA: The Lost And Damned, GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony and GTA: Chinatown Wars. I cannot wait for the release of GTA V. I hope it doesn't get delayed to the far future like 2014 because that is far according to me.