Okay, so we are all highly excited about the reveal of Grand Theft Auto V. But there's some questions that I thought of a few days ago that I think are ones that you people might be thinking about as well. So here are the questions....

  • Since players are going to be on the 'pursuit of the Almightly Dollar', do you think that players will be able to buy alot of businesses like they did back in earlier games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas? ----> With Rockstar admitting to get players on the 'pursuit for the Almightly Dollar' and that the V in the title is styled as a dollar note or whatever it's called, I think you might get to be Mr. Big And Rich again. And by rich, I mean like be in the millions. Not like in GTA IV where you were only in the 6-digits (and I did play the story without dying....sorta). Plus, I hope there's lots of things to buy like back in GTA: San Andreas.
  • We've seen Rockstar put dogs in Bully back in 2006 and then wild animals in Red Dead Redemption back in 2010. And so far in the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, we've seen two dogs (though the last one is hard to see during that scene where you saw the black criminal running from the cops). Do you think that animals will play a role in the game and probably even the story? ----> It could be possible. You could probably have the opportunity to own a pet dog in the game. As for wildlife, maybe if you hang out in the wilderness for too long, maybe a mountain lion or even a grizzly bear will attack you since both creatures are common in California and that San Andreas is based off of California. I do want to see hunting from Redemption appear in GTA V and then you can sell their fur or meat for some cash....if you're really low on cash.
  • Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3, some cities that Rockstar never used in the series but in other games have been mentioned. Like on the Lips 106 station, the DJ mentioned the police chief of Carcer City, Gary Schaffer, was let loose of all charges after the witnesses have dissapeared and then two years later, Carcer City was used in Manhunt as well as Gary Schaffer. Then on a TV show called I'm Rich in Grand Theft Auto IV, Bullworth Academy from Bully was shown and it basely hinted that the rich girl (can't really spell her name) attended that school. Do you think that some of those places are going to be mentioned again? ----> Well, they are going to be most likely. Who knows? Maybe the protagonist probably will be a graduate from Bullworth Academy and maybe even have spend his childhood in Carcer City. Who knows? I do hope Rockstar mentions Cottonmouth from Manhunt 2 in GTA V. In fact in the future, I would like to see Carcer City and/or Cottonmouth in a future GTA game.
  • Will the Los Santos Riot be mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V? I get it, GTA: San Andreas and GTA V are in two separate eras. But it doesn't mean that they can't have two things in common. The Los Angeles Riot was the most disasterios event that could ever happen in the history of LA. I'm sure no one in LA has ever forgotten about that moment. I know that the Los Santos Riot had a significant role in the story of San Andreas, but I don't think that it won't be mentioned in GTA V. The only thing that Rockstar might do in GTA V would be twist around the events of how the Riot started. I'm not sure how they they would do it though, but we might have to wait and see.

That's all I got to say about Grand Theft Auto V. So what do you guys have to say about the questions I put down? Don't be shy. Put down what you got to say.