Grand Theft Auto V  is my third favorite GTA game (Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas being the first two), and I love everything about it: a giant state to explore, cool missions, and improved weaponry. I just hate ONE thing: I always dress the protagonists fancy (Michael with usually a tuxedo and sunglasses, Franklin with a hat, sunglasses, black jeans, and the shirt varies, but is usually sleeved, like his blue one, and Trevor also a hat and sunglasses, black jeans, smart shoes, and like Franklin, the shirt varies, but is usually a T-Shirt like the ones from Suburban). I hate when I switch to another character, and they change their clothes. Michael always goes back to that stupid gray suit, Franklin sometimes a muscle short and shorts (I hate to wear that myself), and Trevor naked). Then I have to go to my safehouses (or a store), and put back on MY favorite clothes). I know the people here can't fix it, but I just pointed that out. Dimitri Rascalov 4 Life (talk) 03:37, April 11, 2014 (UTC)