• The Inner Hate

    GTA 6 wishlist

    February 12, 2015 by The Inner Hate
    • It has every city from the 3D and HD universe (over the shoulder worlds); Gta liberty city stories city of liberty city, gta vice city stories city of vice city, gta San Andreas city of San Andreas,
    • The  the ballad of gay tony version of liberty city called New Liberty City, and the gta v city of Los santos called New Los Santos and the way you can get there is by boat or plane you can buy a cruise ticket or plane ticket,
    • Police now have canine units.
    • Cops ride bicycles on beaches and in rare places horses 
    • Much more wild animals
    • The ability to buy nearly every business and building,
    • Design your own safe houses and the interiors of safe houses and businesses,
    • Once you reach the maximum 6 star wanted level different military branches set from a ti…
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