The best part about the Grand Theft Auto series is the ability to freely explore a wide open world and take part in truly epic moments. Because I have nothing better to do, I decided to list some of these moments, for all those who really don't care.

Multiplayer Madness

Mutliplayer in Grand Theft Auto IV is about one thing: hunting down and ruthlessly murdering random people. Thus, I took to the skies in search of prey. As I was flying over the Humboldt River, I noticed something the piqued my interest: three players seemingly helpless in the water. As my bullets riddled the water, they scattered and eventually managed to climb atop a piece of wood. One of them brandished an RPG, took aim, and killed me with one well-placed shot. Rage burning inside of me, I looked down to the bottom of my screen, saw him name, and vowed an oath of vengeance. When I respawned, I sent a message to him that read "Round 2". He simply responded "Come at me bro."


I hopped on a bike and headed to Francis International Airport. En route to the Airport I was spotted by nemesis' friend in a Maverick. He decided to forgo the machine gun and use the blades instead. I lucked out on his first strike, and I managed to drive directly under the copter's spinning blades, just nearly missing evisceration. His second landing was too far ahead of me, causing him to crash. I hopped off my moving motorcycle and whipped out my RPG. With one quick motion, I took aim and blew his copter to pieces. With the pilot thrown to the ground, I fired a second rocket at him. Though I survived, I had lost my target. I rode hard to the airport and commandeered another Annihilator. Still in his car, he was easy to track, but difficult to spot. As he swerved in and out of Colony Island, I waited for my moment to strike. Again, I struck a stroke of luck. The assailant crashed into a pole, giving me the perfect chance to crash my vehicle as well. Sadly, I narrowly missed him. With my helicopter incapable of flight, I jumped out, as quickly as I could. As I started to scramble to my feet, he began to chuck Molotov Cocktails at me. But I refused to lie down and die. Whilst still in flames, I pulled out my rocket launcher and blew him to hell, sending me flying into the wall in the process. The impact left me on the brink of death, and the conflagration finished me off. But it didn't matter. I lived a second longer than him. I won.

Desperate Escape

At this point, I think that my love helicopters is fairly palpable. So when Elizabeta Torres hired me to steal a dufflebag full of cocaine, I knew by then a helicopter would be a favourable alternative to my usual motorcycle if things went sour (which they always do). After "acquiring" a chopper from Algonquin, I flew in and delivered some bullets of righteousness into the skulls of those who stood between me and that sweet white stuff. Once the heat arrived, I knew I had to act fast and get to the choppa! I shot my way way out, and to my surprise, the NOOSE and LCPD didn't even bother touching my hot helicopter. I made a dash to it, dodging most of the bullets shot at me. It was only after I was in the air I realised how dire my situation was; I couldn't lose my wanted level in a helicopter.


I tried to lose them, but no matter where I went, the law was there waiting for me. With such low health, I knew my only hope was to escape in a boat. I turned my chopper around and headed to Dukes. As I approached the dock, I spotted a lone boat: my ticket to freedom. Since there was no time to make a landing, and I was too weak to risk a crash (Albiet those are actually the same thing for me), I was forced to bail out of my chopper a few feet from the dock (otherwise I would have been shot down in the water). Luckily, I was able to reach the boat before being gunned down by a wall of cops. I sped down the Humboldt, taking a couple bullets in the process. By the time I had hit open water, they lost my trail. With only a sliver of health remaining, I slowly made my way to Bohan, knowing full well anything could kill me.

Quick and Clean

One of my favourite missions from GTAIV is "Final Interview", because I was able to finish it without firing a shot. Calmly and confidently, I walked in and talked to Goldberg, my target. Eventually, the time came for me to stand up and pull out my knife. He didn't even react to it until I threatened him with it. After taking the files, I took his life-with my knife (sorry). I knew I couldn't leave the way I came in, so I decided instead to stab the window as well and jump down. I hopped on my motorcycle and the police were none the wiser. That being said, I don't think stabbing a window, jumping from a 2-story building, and speeding down the street in a Freeway is very inconspicuous, but it felt pretty epic at the time.