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Playing Grand Theft Auto V has already sparked some wild fantasies about what I hope online will be like. How much of it will turn out to be true? Probably not much of it, but it's still a fun discussion. Here are a few ideas.

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Beer Run!

After drinking in Trevor's Trailer for the first time, I immediately wanted to do something like that in GTA Online. The idea of being able to sit around and drink a few (virtual) beers with a few (virtual) buddies really appeals to me. I mean, you can share a bong, so why not?

Patriot Beer

Of course, just drinking isn't enough. Who's gonna supply that beer? With all the convenience stores dotting San Andreas, It'd make for a lot of fun times if we could go on a beer run. Not only does this give the player more expenses on which to spend their hard-earned cash, it could also make for a fun robbery. Imagine two people going into a 24/7. One berates the shop owner at gunpoint whilst the other steals a six pack... and then leaves everything else. That'd be my kind of robbery.

One thing I really want from the drinking-and this goes for the smoking as well-is for it to have longer, more profound effects. I don't need to be ragdolling every five seconds like in Grand Theft Auto IV, but I'd like to see something noticeable. In story mode, you can drink six beers and move around like it's nothing a few seconds later. What's the point of drinking if you can't get drunk and go on a murderous rampage with fifteen of my friends? I want more in-depth drinking mechanics in my game goddammit!

Customising Your Pad

I don't expect The Sims level of customisation, but I hate buying a house that's fully furnished. Again, give the currency some utility here. It'd be kinda cool to see your house go from empty and run down to fully decked out and sparkling. I don't think customising your should be linear, though. Give us a few options! Let us theme our houses, put up paintings and crew emblems on the walls! Which of course, brings me to my next point....

Crew Clubhouses

I really want to have one clubhouse, hideout, hangout, headquarters, home base-whatever you want to call it-for your crew. This would be a lot like the clubhouses in PS Home, only it wouldn't suck. For those who haven't used that feature, it's essentially an apartment that can be accessed by anyone, and furnished by the leader. This would be really cool for the different crew themes. The Ganja Outlaws for example, could have twenty bongs in theirs.


It'd be interesting to have a home base for you to set up shop, plan heists, prepare for missions and battles, and even possibly defend. Of course, a good variety would be necessary. Don't just have penthouses and apartments. Give us trailers in the desert and shacks in the middle of nowhere. Give us houses in the hills and apartments downtown. Give us everything from meth labs to high rises. There's a myriad of crews out there ranging in size, so it only seems right to accommodate them as best as possible.

GTA Offline

I know this might sound kind of dumb, but I really want to play Grand Theft Auto Online offline. Okay, it sounds dumb when you say it like that. What I really mean is being able to access the most basic of features without an Internet connection. I mean being able to roam around the world, explore your apartment, and possibly even take some odd jobs. Of course, without other players, it'd be pointless and boring, probably. That said, knowing how ridiculously bogged down the servers are going to be this October, I'd like to have something in the event of the game not working properly.

Customise Everything


This isn't story mode. Let us be creative with our characters! I understand that you can't go crazy with the character's appearances in the base game-I can't really imagine an extremely buff Michael or an extremely fat Trevor, though the latter would be kind of funny. Those restrictions are there for story purposes. Without that story however, I'd like to be free to customise my character more fully. Is he chubby, muscular, athletic, or lean? I'm not talking drastic changes here, just a little more variety in character models.

Things to See, Things to Do

There needs to be a lot of activities and diversions in GTA Online, and I'm not just talking about liquor store robberies and base jumping. I want more casual events as well. How about yoga with my friends? Or hiking in the wilderness? What about a hiking trip, or a game of darts? Maybe I could go drinking at a dive bar in the desert, or enjoy a dance at the strip club. These are neat little diversions in the story mode, but what about mutliplayer? Online shouldn't just be a tacked-on mode where we can kill each other and do missions; it should be even bigger!

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