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Wiki News - Thursday Edition

Thomas0802 November 14, 2013 User blog:Thomas0802

Hi guys, here is Thomas0802 to bring you the Wiki's Thursday news.

Gaming news

In the GTA world, the Beach Bum Pack for GTA Online will be released next week.

A lot of rumors around the internet are going on about GTA V's DLC or the next GTA title, probably the GTA VI. In my opinion, I seriously believe that the today's gamer generation are always wanting for more.

Around the Wiki

I'm very proud to say that me and other contributors in the Wiki are almost done with a big project, the GTA Online missions articles. All the pages yet are well-written and not under construction.

The Community is evoluting, several new ideas have been posted in the Community Noticeboard and we came to decisions that beneficiated the Wiki, like this one, the news blog and the new image policy template. The decision for the next administrator in the Wiki is still opened and being worked and planned by bureaucrats and admins.

Thursday news written by Thomas. Next news to 17th November with Cesar A.K.A Mikey Klebitz.

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