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Thomas0802 November 21, 2013 User blog:Thomas0802

Hi guys. I'm Thomas and I'm bringing you the news for Thursday, the 21th November.

GTA World

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The free Beach Bum pack for Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V has been finally released. It features new weapons, clothes, tattoos, haircuts, cars and multiplayer jobs. The features are mostly beach-themed, hence the name of the pack.

Gamers' opinion

The game has been very good received with positive reviews, no glitches or bugs included. However Rockstar patched glitches that beneficiated some players with earning thousands in some missions.


  • The SNS Pistol is a small and not so storng weapon, but can be useful during small gunfights.
  • The Broken Bottle is a brutal, funny and useful melee weapons during small gunfights.


Three new amazing cars, with unique paintjobs are now available to the player.

  • And the beach buggy Bifta, good for driving around the beaches.

Multiplayer jobs

In GTA Online, the Beach Bum update brings a slew of new action-packed Jobs to GTA Online. These include new beach-themed Races, Deathmatches, Parachute Jumps, Last Team Standings, a Survival as well as Gang Attacks for those who enjoy a good territorial skirmish. For a list of the new jobs and mission features, click Jobs here.

Clothing, tattoos and haircut

GTA 5 ONLINE All New "Beach Bum" DLC Clothing! Tanks, Shorts, & More! (GTA V)05:51

GTA 5 ONLINE All New "Beach Bum" DLC Clothing! Tanks, Shorts, & More! (GTA V)

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Beach Bum DLC All New Tattoo Options03:08

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Beach Bum DLC All New Tattoo Options

Next news on sunday, the 24th November with Cesar. Bye!

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