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Linday Lohan case

As many of you maybe know, the lawyers of the model and actress Lindsay Lohan, are preparing to file a lawsuit against Rockstar Games, after she believed that the game features references to the her and her public image.

Lindsay and the media believes that the girl with a red bikini used in many artworks and wallpapers about the game was inspired on Lindsay, after the game was released, more people believed that the in-game actress Poppy Mitchell was inspired in the actress, both in appearance and behavior.


Poppy's role in the game are featured in the side-mission series Paparazzi in which you help Los Santos celebutard Lacey Jonas get back home while avoiding paparazzi; and a pair of Strangers and Freaks missions involving Poppy Mitchell, (a returning character from the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony) in which you must snap photos of another local celebutard on orgies flagrants in the Los Santos take on Chateau Marmont, where Lohan used to live, then later chasing her as she flees from police while driving drunk.

Neither Sam or Dan Houser reacted to the lawsuit as known so far. But as everybody knows, Rockstar Games doesn't make any references and/or using the names of real life artists, with exceptions of radio stations.


The release date of GTA San Andreas on mobile devices is still unknown, but it will be released this month. Delays are possible.

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