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GTA V Controversy Part II: Torture Sequence, Animal Cruelty and So On...

Tony 1998 September 22, 2013 User blog:Tony 1998
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It's not really shocking that when every GTA title is released, there is little or a LOT of controversy.

Welcome to the second edition of the GTA V Controversy series. Please enjoy the list of controversies.

Controversy #1: "Torture Sequence"

That one mission where you have to rescue that FIB fugitive, right? Then the next mission after that, huh, where you torture the shit out of him out of your own will? Well, my GTA fans, there was an considerable amount of controversy gained because of that mission giving you an opprotunity to be a torture giver. The devices used for the torture ranged from ripping out his teeth to injecting him with adrenaline if he dies. Many examiners claimed that Rockstar Games had "crossed the line, letting people take the role of the torturer and perform a series of unspeakable acts." Torture is a reality. It seems much gruesome to have it in a video game, especially if it's the one which requires YOU to be the torturer.

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Controversy #2: "Animal Cruelty"

Let's face it: All video games nowadays have objectives or opprotunities that allow the player to kill animals, BUT YOU DON'T SEE THEM IN THE HEADLINE OF MSNBC OR FOX!!!!!!!!!!

Oooh, lost my cool there for a moment. In GTA V, you can hunt wildlife, but apparantly, that feature is being boycotted by various animal rights groups, one of them saying that "No game should have the right to kill animals in a cruel-like manner, especially in a violent and grotesque video game like this one."

"Grotesque"? Bitch, have you even seen other games that allow you to kill animals? (i.e. Fucktivision's Call of Duty; Konami's best MGS series :)

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Controversy #3: Three Teens Charged for Stabbing a Man and Robbing his GTA V During V's midnight release in London 

During Tuesday's GTA V Midnight Launch, a trio of teens (ages 14, 15, and 17) stabbed and robbed the man of his GTA V copy. The "Thrilling Three" were to appear in court yesterday morning.

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Controversy #4: "Rape Scene? No it's Cannabalism"

Isn't there rape in almost every rated M game (Mass Effect 2 alien rape)? The part where Trevor rapes that Mexican woman, what Michael describes as him "raping her like a high school romance scene".


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