Let's face it: Nobody believes in satire and/or parodies anymore, and apparently class-action lawsuits over idiotic things, especially video games, are just too frequent these days...

Welcome to the third and not the final edition of the GTA V Controversy series. Please, crack open an ice cold Pisswasser (Uh, oh, Bud Light pun! Might get sued for this!!!) and enjoy reading these wonderful controversies ranging from October 2013, to the day this blog post was created.

Controversy #1: Drugged Lohan Almosts Sues GTAV Because of Her Likeness Being Used on Cover

Ah, Lindsay Lohan. I remember your glory days as an actor. Now you are just a drugged-up mess that can't even think straight. She tweeted back in December 2013 that she was going to sue GTA V because the artwork of the hot bikini babe was used on the cover of the game and on the disc. Funny time how she noticed it, because the artwork was released in NOVEMBER 2012! Now, this may be plausible; either she wasn't aware of the hype that was going around or she was just waiting so she could sue the game and get her fair share from the 1 billion dollars made from the game. Either way, I think she was heavily high on cocaine when she realized what she was doing...heh... miscarrage, you couldn't even realize that...

Anybody can find that picture of someone's tweet that said she was "100% right' that her likeness was used in GTA V; a picture of Lohan and Trevor being compared? If you can, please show it on the Comments section!!!

Controversy #2: "Dat Nigga Daz" Wants to Recall the GTA V copies. Reason?

Okay, yes, I know what you're saying: "Why does this crappy rapper wants GTA V recalled?" Well, I can tell you why! Two of Daz "Dat Nigga Daz" Dillinger's songs "C-Walk" and "Nothin' But the Cavi Hit" were used in GTA V without his authorization. At the time of his announcement to have the game recalled on October 10th, 2013, he gave Rockstar Games "14 days to comply to the suit". If they didn't comply, he would order all remaining unsold GTA V copies to be destroyed.

Controversy #3: "You Bought GTA V for the Online. It Didn't Come With It, Now You Want To Sue?"

As we all know, Rockstar announced that GTA Online was delayed to October 1st, weeks before GTA V actually released. Well, two gamers: Bruce McMahon and Christopher Bengston bought GTA V at a "premium price" to play with its Online component along with each other and with their friends. The game did not feature Online as they expected it would and they filed a Class-Action lawsuit against Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive (McMahon vs. Take-Two Interactive) on November 6th for their claims that Rockstar and Take-Two violated California laws which prohibits unlawful, unfair, and fradulent business practices. Yes, these duo thought that both Rockstar and Take-Two are theives for marketing Online when it wasn't ready to play on September 17th. When this was taken up to court, U.S. Judge Virginia Phillips dismissed the plaintiffs' case against Take-Two, stating that the case cannot be. The reason for this is because when the game came out, it was never promised by Rockstar Games that GTA Online would be available immediately and "may not be available to all users" (you can find this warning on the back of your GTA V case cover, by the way) and thus, it had a sufficient reason that GTA Online may not be available at launch and to all users.

Controversy #4: GTA V Gets Sued By the Mob...Wife

Video games we know these days use the Mob as the main basis/theme for the game, either naming them satirically or using their real-life name. Hell, we know movies do! But when one widely-known video game franchise uses a fictionalized mob daughter to use in a five minute Strangers and Freaks mission, Karen Gravano, daughter of Sam "Sammy the Bull" Gravano will sue GTA V for $40 million dollars: $20 million in compensation and another $20 million for punitive damages. Her claim that Rockstar Games "ripped off her life story without her consent" is just utter retarded. I mean other movies satire the Mafia and the high-ranking Cosa Nostra members and, yet, you don't see them filing lawsuits for reasons like this. Also, she said "they could have consulted me about my story", well it's satire. There isn't a thing you can do about satire, it's been around since the Roman times. Jeez, no wonder you got kicked off of "Mob Wives" after the third season. Like what the source I got this from, the Escapist says: "If Karen Gravano wants to prove that she is a hot badass mafia chick, she would settle with Rockstar Games and Take-Two in a dark room with a sock filled with quarters and a cigar cutter."

Well, here are the latest GTA V Controversies. I strongly believe that these people are going after this game because of how successful it was in budget. It seems that these lawsuit filing nuts just want a fair share of the $1 billion made in GTA V sales. Heh, for some reason, it reminds me of the glitched money epidemic back in December. Alot of people were asking for money.

What do you think about these controversies? Comment down below!

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