We all knew that GTA V will be the next big game, but who knew it would cost so much?

According to the Scottish media outlet, The Scotsmen, some of the creative heads of GTA V stated that Rockstar had spent roughly 170 million pounds ($265 million USD) to develop, produce and market Grand Theft Auto V with a staff of over 300 designers, artists, programmers, mappers and modelers. "That's about equivalent to a moderately budgeted Hollywood blockbuster", claims Gaming Blend author, William Usher.

Despite having the most bloated budget in video game history, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are confident that it will sell like crazy. GTA V has been poised by analysts that it will  surpass sales of Call of Duty: Ghosts, and according to the Scotsman article, Rockstar isn't too worried about costs since the newest game in the GTA series is poised to make $1 billion before the year is out, with an estimate of more than 25 million SKUs to be shipped to retailers around the world.

Since this game cost so much to create, it better be worth it when it comes out next week!

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