Hey Wikiers, I want to tell you something that may predict the GTA V gameplay. My dreams.

Most of you are saying, "Who cares, we all have dreams about it." But this is something that has boggled my mind when the last GTAV dream was a month ago.

Between the months of Februray and May, I had a total of five dreams about the gameplay. Some seemed very legit, to the point that I thought I had the game; it seemed so realistc.

Here are my five dreams that I will be describing:

  1. The first dream occured in February. Michael and Franklin were stealing a few cars and selling them to a car dealer to get Franklin a few extra money to buy advanced weaponry. The dream advanced to a gun fight down at a beachside resort.
  2. The second dream occured in March. This one was quite peculiar and there is not much to tell. The loading screen for GTA V included some artwork previously released and some which I did not see before. One of them was the "Pest Control' artwork and the unseen one showed GSF members shooting behind a car, which resembled a "7F". The song used for the loading screen was Odgen's Nut Gone Flake, previously used on the 1st GTAV trailer released in November 2011. My dream-sight was sepia-toned and there were three girls and they were talking. I could not remember their names, nor their conversation, but after they were done talking, I had to control one of them...The dream ended there
  3. This third dream also occured in March. I was controlling Franklin during a mission where he had to steal a car from this locked gate. Him and some GSF OG's had to kill some guards around
  4. The fourth dream occured on in mid May, about two weeks after the Protagonists' Trailers were released. If I can recall, Michael and Franklin were in this club called "L.S. Strippers' Joint". They were enjoying themselves there and along with Franklin's GSF homies. Meanwhile, Franklin's friend, "Jamal" was getting jumped by the Ballas and they were asking for Franklin. "Jamal" refused to tell and one of the OG's shot him on the shoulder. "Jamal" wouldn't tell still, so the OG shot him on the leg and on his stomach. Finally, he said that he was at "L.S. Strippers' Joint" with a white guy (Michael) and Franklin's homeboys, then the OG shot him in the head and killed him. They headed to the strip club. The dream then advanced to a gun battle outside the club. Franklin and his homies had Beretta M9's, Ithaca 37's and Mini-UZIs. Michael only had the Glock 17. Michael shot and killed 4 Ballas and Franklin jetted off a car called the "Gauntlet". Michael was surrounded by carloads of Ballas...The dream ended there
  5. The fifth dream occured a week after the fourth and the same week the Collector's and Special Editions were announced. This time Michael was inside a bank, shooting out any N.O.O.S.E combat units that were breaching the back entrances. A new N.O.O.S.E Unit, were called "Tactical Urban Response Division" or the T.U.R.D. It was weird that an urban division of N.O.O.S.E. were dispatched inside the bustling city. Michael's weapon was the Kel-Tec KSG-12 bullpup shotgun and a pistol. This is where it gets interesting: My dream-sight enters first-person on the iron-sights of the pistol and when Michael fires the gun, I guess it entered "Bullet Time" because my dream-sight was above the bullet and it penetrated the N.O.O.S.E. T.U.R.D combatant's helmet and blood splattered all over the place. The dream ended when Michael escaped.   

What's even more strange that I had five dreams. Is it a reference of GTA V or is it coincidence? Could these dreams predict the GTA V gameplay?

Did you have a dream about GTA V? Share it on the comments below!