Hey, Wikiers! I am proud to announce that a Crew for GTA Wiki has been set up on Rockstar Games Social Club

The crew name will be called GTA Wikia Crew. When GTA V comes out, we can use the crew to battle other crews and be recognized. Not only that, with GTA Wikia being the name of the crew, we are actually promoting the crew and if any social club member would like to join, they will go on GTA Wiki and edit here or do something here. In a way, we are trying to get more activity for this wiki since one or two edits are made every hour.  

Despite creating this crew for GTA Wiki, I will not be using it until the release of GTA V. There is no usage of it anyhow for now, but if any of you Wikiers have Social Club accounts and want to join right away, please state your Wikia name when I accept your Application Request. Later on until GTA V, any SC user that wants to join my clan, they shall.

Clan Ranks (On Beta Mode)

I had set up a Ranking System for GTA Wikia Crew. They are based on Wikia's Staff Ranks. Although, I'm having second thoughts about this system because I am going to have limited spaces for each Staff Rank and I'm still trying to think on how each staff is going to have special abilities. Here are the ranks:

  1. Bureaucrat (max 3 members) --- For now VaultBoy and myself are GTAWC bureaucrats
  2. Administrator (max 6 members)
  3. Executive Patroller (max 10 members) --- These are the most trusted patrollers, having likinesses as an admin.
  4. Patroller (max 15 members)

I am not certain if I want to add ranks like this because of low usage of each of them, but if any of you Wikiers like to make new ideas for the rank system, please do so on the comments. Until then, apply!

Any bad comments or insults to the author or commentor will result on getting reported by an admin. Please be civil when commenting.