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Will GTA V Be Released in 2014? Microsoft Explains This...

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Hello! Hello! Have a seat. Want some tea? No? Well good! This is IMPORTANT!

According to Auto-oMobile, they have scooped up a rumour (thank god it's not true...yet) about Microsoft wanting to have a delay on Grand Theft Auto V for some unknown reasons. Microsoft's report states this by Auto-oMobile:

"What is interesting though is that Microsoft states the deal is only in limited supply so you should order quick. However in the terms and conditions, they put the GTA 5 pre-order window as ending on December 31st 2013...

So the obvious question is how does the offer end on Dec. 31, 2013 if GTA 5 is due out on September 17, and you're supposed to pre-order? Is there the possibility that the GTA 5 release date is being pushed back to the Christmas holidays? And if so does this apply to the Xbox 360 version only?

...Of course all these are just rumors at the moment and forum goers are still trying to figure out what it means."

Also, if Xbox owners pre-order GTA V during the alleged "delay period", Xbox Live owners will receive 1600 Microsoft points ($20.00).

Now, I think that delaying GTA V again will be a HUGE disappointment to GTA fans. Plus, why would you need 1600 Microsoft Points? To fullfill your agony about the delay?

Now this is a rumour. We're not sure if it's actuality, bullshit, or whatever it is. We just know that Microsoft is behind this alleged "delay" and Auto-oMobile got its sources from them.

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