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  • I live in Pyeongtaek, South Korea -- From Blythe, California
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is United States Army.
  • I am Alpha-male
  • Tony 1998

    GTA Wikia Crew Notices

    August 24, 2013 by Tony 1998

    The GTA Wikia Crew are now under two ownerships: VaultBoy and myself. The GTAWiki_Tony1998 has now moved into a new account named GTAWCLeader. If you have a Rockstar Games Social Club account and are familiar with the Crew system, please visit here to join. The Crew will have its multiplayer launch on Saturday, October 5 at 12:30 PST. More details regarding to this crew and its launch date will be reveiled soon...

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  • Tony 1998

    Hey Wikiers, I want to tell you something that may predict the GTA V gameplay. My dreams.

    Most of you are saying, "Who cares, we all have dreams about it." But this is something that has boggled my mind when the last GTAV dream was a month ago.

    Between the months of Februray and May, I had a total of five dreams about the gameplay. Some seemed very legit, to the point that I thought I had the game; it seemed so realistc.

    Here are my five dreams that I will be describing:

    1. The first dream occured in February. Michael and Franklin were stealing a few cars and selling them to a car dealer to get Franklin a few extra money to buy advanced weaponry. The dream advanced to a gun fight down at a beachside resort.
    2. The second dream occured in March. This o…
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  • Tony 1998

    Hey, Wikiers! I am proud to announce that a Crew for GTA Wiki has been set up on Rockstar Games Social Club

    The crew name will be called GTA Wikia Crew. When GTA V comes out, we can use the crew to battle other crews and be recognized. Not only that, with GTA Wikia being the name of the crew, we are actually promoting the crew and if any social club member would like to join, they will go on GTA Wiki and edit here or do something here. In a way, we are trying to get more activity for this wiki since one or two edits are made every hour.  

    Despite creating this crew for GTA Wiki, I will not be using it until the release of GTA V. There is no usage of it anyhow for now, but if any of you Wikiers have Social Club accounts and want to join right …

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  • Tony 1998

    Hello! Hello! Have a seat. Want some tea? No? Well good! This is IMPORTANT!

    According to Auto-oMobile, they have scooped up a rumour (thank god it's not true...yet) about Microsoft wanting to have a delay on Grand Theft Auto V for some unknown reasons. Microsoft's report states this by Auto-oMobile:

    "What is interesting though is that Microsoft states the deal is only in limited supply so you should order quick. However in the terms and conditions, they put the GTA 5 pre-order window as ending on December 31st 2013...

    So the obvious question is how does the offer end on Dec. 31, 2013 if GTA 5 is due out on September 17, and you're supposed to pre-order? Is there the possibility that the GTA 5 release date is being pushed back to the Christmas…

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  • Tony 1998

    Okay, Wikiers, I got to tell the latest "update" for controversy of GTA V.

    Before I explain, this is a fact that every game in the Grand Theft Auto series was controversal since GTA 1 due to its violence, blood and gore and all that. The summary:

    GTA 1: Controversal due to its violence, blood, carjacking, and gore

    GTA: London 1969 and 1961: Controversal just like GTA 1

    GTA 2: Controversal just like GTA 1

    GTA lll: Controversal because or crime, carjackings and violence

    GTA VC: Controversal because of Haitians and Cuban gang wars (also some racial slurs between them)

    GTA SA: Controversal because of the "Hot Coffee", gang violence and some racial stereotypes

    GTA IV: Controversal because of its similarities of New York and its crimes

    GTA: TLAD: Controve…

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