Okay, Wikiers, I got to tell the latest "update" for controversy of GTA V.

Before I explain, this is a fact that every game in the Grand Theft Auto series was controversal since GTA 1 due to its violence, blood and gore and all that. The summary:

GTA 1: Controversal due to its violence, blood, carjacking, and gore

GTA: London 1969 and 1961: Controversal just like GTA 1

GTA 2: Controversal just like GTA 1

GTA lll: Controversal because or crime, carjackings and violence

GTA VC: Controversal because of Haitians and Cuban gang wars (also some racial slurs between them)

GTA SA: Controversal because of the "Hot Coffee", gang violence and some racial stereotypes

GTA IV: Controversal because of its similarities of New York and its crimes

GTA: TLAD: Controversal because of [[Thomas Stubbs] "no no's" being shown

GTA: TBoGT: Same as GTA IV

GTA: CW: Controversal due to the player's certain objectives to sell drugs

GTA V: Being controversal due to its "involvement" in the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre

Many of you know that last week was the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary. The 20 yr-old killer had killed his mother at her home before heading to the Elementary school and killing 26 people. 20 were kids, ages 6-7 years, and the 6 were adults, mostly women including the school's principal; all killed in the massacre. The killer then turned the gun to himself and commited suicide. According to analogists, this is by far the second mass killing at a school and one of the most tragic mass murder in U.S. history. Many of us has send our prayers to the victim's families.

Now according to crime analogists, the killer had Asperger's syndrome; he was mental and anti-social. He probably had no idea what he was thinking or if he really is a sociopath.

The National Rifle Association wants to set up to ban all assault firearms and rifles. AND they had blamed video games for the massacre, pointing out the GTA series, Bulletstorm and the Call of Duty series.

The U.S. Senator, too, blamed the video games for the massacre. She also blamed blantly at the GTA series and blaming Rockstar's newest title: Grand Theft Auto V. He stated that the violent video games had heated up this killer and motivated him to commit and kill the 26 people. The Senator is even wanting GTA V banned from the U.S. market, and she is thinking about approving it to U.S. President Barack Obama.

My Opinion

I find this absurd because the Senator and the NRA have nothing to blame on the killer or his motivations. The killer was MENTAL, not a game addict, and he was anti-social! I read on websites on evidence to which video games were involved and I couldn't find none, until the NRA and the Senator started to blame the videogames. The killer's family even said he was mental and anti-social and they did not even mention he played video games.

I find this so absurd to an extent that the U.S. Senator and NRA have nothing to do so they go on find something to blame; blame something that has always been blamed. THAT'S BULLSHIT!