• TrevorPhillips

    Changes from old to new:

    • Cars are now sorted under their classes in GTA 5.
    • Split sports cars and supercars into new sections.

    Here it is, folks:

    Alpha Banshee BuffaloCarbonizzare Comet Coquette Elegy RH8 Feltzer Fusilade Futo Jester Khamelion Massacro Penumbra Rapid GT Schwartzer Sultan Surano

    |group2 = Supercars |list2 = Adder Bullet Cheetah Entity XF Infernus Turismo R Vacca Voltic Zentorno

    |group3 = Muscle cars and Sports Classics |list3 = Buccaneer Dominator Gauntlet Hotknife JB 700 Manana Monroe Peyote Picador Phoenix Roosevelt Ruiner Sabre Turbo Stinger Stinger GT Tornado Vigero Voodoo Z-Type

    |group4 = Sedans and Station Wagons |list4 = Asea Asterope Dilettante Emperor Esperanto Fugitive Ingot Intruder Oracle …

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