• Ultimate94ninja

    'Sup fellas, the sneaky Ninja is here to talk to ya about his personal choices of songs, for the radio stations in a future GTA game. Let's assume the story will be taking place in 2018.

    tfw I got inspired by Monk's blog

    • Within Temptation - Faster
    • The Killers - Somebody Told Me
    • The Rolling Stones - Anybody Seen My Baby?
    • Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane
    • Nickelback - Savin' Me
    • Linkin Park - One Step Closer
    • Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Starlight

    • Lana Del Rey - Sumertime Sadness
    • Bastille - Pompeii
    • Craig David - Let's Dance (Hot Stuff)
    • Years & Years - King
    • Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin'
    • Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink - Worth It
    • Lily Allen - Hard Out There
    • Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
    • Sabi - Wild Heart
    • Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey - Coming Home
    • Agnes - Release Me
    • Ell…

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    'Sup, buddies. I was bored and I though of making a list of things that piss me off :P

    Here it is (there's no specific order) :

    • Any Apple product (this is gonna trigger a lot of people lol)
    • People who confuse between "its" and "it's" all the time
    • Shazam not being able to identify some fucking awesome songs
    • Double standards (these are soooo countless)
    • Bulk acquired after years of training that disappears just because you skipped the gym for a couple of months
    • Gym folks who think they can claim a piece of equipment by setting a towel on it before moving away
    • Pointless ads on your smartphone
    • So-called "drivers" who don't use turn signals
    • People who don't admit when they are wrong and keep on arguing while pretending to be the victims
    • The police radio chat…
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  • Ultimate94ninja

    Self-explanatory, buddies. What's your favorite mission per GTA games? For each game, I've listed 10 missions that I consider the best (though it's probably not 100% accurate, as I could have possibly missed some that belong to these "top 10"). There's an additional "Other" option; feel free to comment which missions you like the best if they're not already listed.

    P.S. sorry for not listing GTA III; I haven't played it, so I can't choose a top 10 for it.

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    Buuuuuenas noches peeps, last year I posted a blog about your opinions regarding favorites radio stations in the GTA series, aaaaand now imma create polls about the least faves. What radio stations did you hate the most per GTA game?

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  • Ultimate94ninja

    'Sup there, here are polls regarding radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto series. What are your favorite radio stations per GTA game?

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