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    Hi All

    December 1, 2015 by Universetwisters

    Hi all,

    I can imagine the rest of you guys remember me from a bit ago, pushing to get the false information off of here and getting banned for a bit by a ledby, or mod, whichever it was I forgot that wanted to keep that stuff up. Then I linkeda thread I made on a GTAForum that addressed the fact that it was poorly run. All I want you guys to do, be it regular editors, admins, whomever reads this, to actually take the time and read the thread and, instead of pulling the knee-jerk reaction of bashing it because it criticizes the wiki, why not read some of the criticisms from it and use them to better this site?

    As one of the posters stated, this place has potential to be great if it wasn't so focused around speculating as if it were fact, not …

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  • Universetwisters

    Can someone please unlock Michaela Carapadis' page and get rid of the picture? Just like the Amy Scheckenhausen one, it's clearly a fake, as LS11svaultboy pointed out on her talk page:

    I have removed the image as it is not an official piece of Rockstar Games artwork, and if it is, then it is pretty impossible to find, which isn't reliable enough. Every single piece of GTA Vice City artwork they had on their site had a GTA Vice City logo in the bottom left, right or top left, top right. This one doesn't.'

    Or if it should stay, may the moderator who locked the page or someone else explain to me why an obvious piece of fiction should remain on a site that's trying to provide accurate information? - Universetwisters (talk) 16:07, October 30, 201…

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