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    Another transnational game, e.g. in Red Dead Redemption you could travel between America and Mexico at will, it would be cool if this feature would be brought into a GTA game. I would like to see in a future GTA game is a GTA version of San Diego and South-Western California, heading south from there is a GTA version of Imperial Beach and surrounding countryside, just south of that is an actual, working GTA version of the American-Mexican border crossing, which heads into a GTA version of Tijuana and North-west Sonora.

    There could be chapters on both sides of the borders, e.g. maybe you could be hunting a highly influential gang boss who betrayed you, after taking his gang on head on and conquering his mansion in America he heads south into…

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  • Wardie1993

    Now that we have a new Los Santos in GTA V, do you think there could be a new San Fierro and a new Las Venturas in future GTA games? I personally think it's a possibility, but we will have to see what Rockstar is planning.

    Also do you reckon the player will ever be able to go into Mexico in GTA, like you could in Red Dead Redemption?

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