Because the heists update has all the cool vehicles online only, Storymode needs more vehicles. Vehicles from the GTA 6 Vehicle ideas page will be here

Blaine County Flight School Update


  • Jobuilt Marauder
  • Jobuilt Cronus
  • Jobuilt Scamp
  • Jobuilt Stuntplane
  • Buckingham Ghawar


  • Buckingham Sparrow 
  • Western Company Leviathan
  • Nagasaki Buzzard (Unarmed) 

Fort Zancudo Flight School Update

Just what we need are some fighter planes, and some special surprises that come along with it


  • Jobuilt P-996 LAZER Training Jet
  • Mammoth Hydra Training Jet
  • Western Company Rustler, The Rustler brought into GTA 5 (Online Only)
  • Western Company Triton, An Armed variant of the Titan. (Online Only)


  • Western Company Hunter
  • Buckingham Sea Sparrow
  • Western Company Annihilator

Personel Carriers

  • Brute APC
  • HVY Brickade



  • PKM named as "Heavy MG"
  • Bazooka named as "Anti-Tank RPG"


  • M16 named as "Army Rifle"
  • M14 named as "SEALS Rifle"


  • MP7 named as "Portable SMG"
  • TEC-9 named as "Macro SMG"


  • Desert Eagle named as "Army Pistol"

Guns, Guns, and More Guns Update

It seems like we need some more Guns, This update features many of the Red Dead Redemption Guns, and various other guns



  • Mauser C96 named as "Vintage Automatic Pistol"
  • Colt Model 1892 Revolver named as "Revolver"
  • FN Model 1903 Pistol named as "Western Pistol"
  • Borchdart C-93 Pistol named as "Semi Auto Pistol"
  • SW500 named as "50. Revolver


  • Sharps Model 1874 named as "Hunting Rifle"
  • Springfield Model 1873 named as "Multi-purpose Rifle"
  • ACR named as "Military Rifle" 
  • M1 Garand as "WWI Rifle"


  • Carcano Model 91/38 Rifle named as "Vintage Military Sniper"
  • Remmington Rolling Block Rifle named as "Vintage Hunting Sniper"
  • Barret M98B named as "Military Sniper"
  • FR-F1 named as "Hunting Sniper"

Shot Guns

  • Colt Model 1883 Named as "Boomstick"
  • Colt Model 1878 Named as "Hunting Shotgun"
  • Browning Auto-5 Shotgun named as "Vintage Shotgun"
  • Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun named as "Sport Shotgun"
  • KS-K named as "Tactical Shotgun"

Heavy Weapons

  • MG 42 named as "Heavy Machine Gun" 
  • Mauser model 1918 named as "Anti-Tank Rifle"