Since I did the vehicle ideas, Now we'll see what we can have in the gun category


Returning Pistols

  • Combat Pistol- The Combat Pistol from GTA 5
  • Pistol .44- Pistol .44 from TBOGT
  • Silenced 9mm- Silenced 9mm from San Andreas
  • Pistol .50- Pistol .50 from GTA 5
  • Heavy Pistol- Heavy Pistol from GTA 5
  • Pistol from GTA 5 returning to GTA 6 as the "Basic Pistol"
  • Vintage pistol from GTA 5.
  • Marksman Pistol from GTA 5 returning as the "One shot pistol"
  • SNS Pistol returning as the "Cheap Pistol"

New Pistols

  • Jericho 941- Named as "Double action pistol"
  • Derringer- Named as "Pocket Pistol"
  • Beretta M9- Named as the "Military Pistol"
  • FN Five-Seven- Named as the "PDW Pistol"
  • TAC .45- Named as the "Tactical Pistol"
  • B23R- Named as the "Semi-Auto Pistol"
  • Remington XP-100- named as the "Marksman pistol"
  • SPP-1- Named as "Special Pistol" Has ability to fire underwater

Automatic Pistols

A new class of weapons. 

Returning Machine Pistols

  • Automatic 9mm from TLAD
  • AP Pistol returning as "Auto

New Machine Pistols

  • Mauser C96- Named as "Vintage Auto Pistol"
  • CZ-75- Named as "War Auto Pistol"
  • Glock 18 named as "Automatic 19mm"
  • Bechowiec-1 named as "WWII Auto Pistol"
  • M93 Raffica- Named as "Selective fire Auto Pistol"
  • MP7- named as "PDW" 
  • Type 80- Named as "Close Quarters Auto Pistol"


New weapon class consisting of revolvers from GTA and Red Dead Redemption

Returning Revolvers

  • .357 Magnum
  • Cattleman Revolver returning as "Basic Revolver"
  • Double Action Revolver from Red Dead
  • LeMat Revolver returning as "War Revolver"
  • Schlofield Revolver

New Revolvers

  • SW500- Named as "Heavy Revolver"
  • Colt Cobra- Named as "Snub-Nosed Revolver"

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

Returning SMGs

  • Assault SMG- Assault SMG returning as its TBOGT version, Renamed to "Assault PDW"
  • Assault SMG- The Assault SMG from GTA 5 returning as the "Assault SMG"
  • SMG- The SMG from returning as its GTA 4 version as the "SMG"
  • SMG- The SMG from GTA 5 renamed as the "Basic SMG"
  • Combat PDW- The Combat PDW from GTA 5

New Submachine Guns

  • Colt 9mm SMG- Named as the "9mm SMG"
  • KRISS Vector- Named as the "Combat SMG"
  • MP-40- Named as the "Military SMG"
  • STEN- Named as the "Enfield SMG" 
  • Sterling Submachine Gun- Named as the "Vintage SMG"

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

Returning LMGs

  • MG- MG from GTA 5 now named as the "Basic MG"
  • M249 SAW- Combat MG returning from GTA 5
  • Advanced MG- The Advanced MG returning from TBoGT
  • Assault MG- The Assault MG from Max Payne 3 named as the "War MG"
  • Guesenberg Sweeper from GTA 5

New LMGs

  • PKM- Named as the "Light MG"
  • RPK- Named as the "Assault MG"
  • M240- Named as the "Military MG"
  • FN Minimi- Named as the "Advanced MG" 
  • Stoner63- Named as the "Battle MG"
  • Ultimax 100- Named as the "General Purpose MG"

Assault Rifles

Returning Assault Rifles

  • Assault Rifle- The Assault Rifle from GTA 5 renamed as the "Basic Rifle"
  • Carbine Rifle- The Carbine Rifle from GTA 5 renamed as the "Military Rifle"
  • M16- The M16 returning to GTA 6 as the "War Rifle"
  • M4- The M4 returning to GTA 6 as the "Battle Rifle"
  • AR15- The AR-15 returning to GTA 6 as the "Shootout Rifle"
  • Ruger- The Ruger from GTA Vice City renamed as the "Autoloading Rifle"
  • Special Carbine- The Special Carbine returning from GTA 5 
  • Advanced Rifle- The Advanced Rifle returning from GTA 5 renamed as the "Prototype Rifle"
  • Bullpup Rifle- The Bullpup Rifle from GTA 5

New Assault Rifles

  • SCAR-H- Named as the "Heavy Rifle"
  • LR-300- Named as the "Breaching Rifle"
  • Galil- Named as the "Carbine Rifle"
  • FAMAS- Named as the "Service Rifle"
  • REC7- Named as the "PDW Rifle"
  • M14- Named as the "Vintage Rifle"

Sniper Rifles

Returning Sniper Rifles

  • Advanced Sniper- The Advanced Sniper returning as the "Bullpup Sniper"
  • Heavy Sniper- The Heavy Sniper returning as the "Sniper .50"
  • Marksman Rifle- The Marksman Rifle from GTA 5 as the "Tactical Sniper"
  • Dragunov SVD- The Dragunov from the 3D universe named as the "Combat Sniper"
  • Rifle- The Rifle from GTA San Andreas returns as the "Hunting Rifle"
  • PSG-1- The PSG-1 returning as the "Automatic Sniper"

New Sniper Rifles

  • WA2000- Named as the "Semi-Auto Sniper"
  • SR-25- Named as the "Basic Sniper"
  • Barret M98B- Named as the "Heavy Sniper"
  • M21- Named as the "Basic Sniper"
  • M14 EBR- Named as the "Battle Sniper"
  • Carcano Rifle- The Carcano Rifle from Red Dead returning as the "Vintage Sniper"
  • Explosive Rifle- The Explosive rifle from Red Dead as the "Explosive Sniper"


Returning Shotguns

  • Heavy Shotgun- The Heavy Shotgun returning from GTA 5
  • Pump-Action Shotgun- The Pump Action Shotgun returning as the "Basic Shotgun"
  • GTA 4 Combat Shotgun- The GTA 4 Combat Shotgun returning as the "Combat Shotgun"
  • TLAD Assault Shotgun- The TLAD Assault Shotgun returning as the "Revolver Shotgun"
  • Assault Shotgun- The Assault Shotgun from GTA 5
  • Explosive Shotgun/Auto Shotgun- The Explosive and Auto Shotgun returning from TBoGT as the "Explosive Shotgun" and the "Breaching Shotgun"
  • Sawn Off Shotgun from GTA 5
  • Double Barreled Shotgun from GTA: CW
  • Coach Gun- The Coach gun from GTA 4 TLAD
  • Bullpup Shotgun- The Bullpup Shotgun from GTA 5

New Shotguns

  • Rocky Mountain Arms Stakeout- Named as the "Tactical Shotgun"
  • M4 Super 90- Named as the "Battle Shotgun" 
  • USAS 12- Named as the "Raid Shotgun" 
  • SPAS-16- Named as the "Prototype Shotgun"

Heavy Weapons

Returning Heavy Weapons

Minigun- Returning as the Minigun

RPG-7- The RPG-7 returns as the RPG

Railgun- The Rail gun returns as the "Weapon of the future"

Grenade Launcher- The grenade launcher returns as itself

M60- The M60 returns as the "Heavy MG"

Flame Thrower (Single Player only) 

New heavy weapons

MG42- A world war II Machine gun named as the "Rapid Fire MG"