69th Street - GTA 3

Cherry Popper Ice Cream - Vice City

Cock Rock - San Andreas

The list goes on and on like Erykah Badu :).

We all know what RockStar are famous for, apart from their games; it's the adult humor inside it's games, I thought to myself ('cause I'm sad like that!) what next could they use for adult humor and sexual reference in the next GTA's.

Here is a couple I thought of, feel free to include some of your own:

1) Doggy Styles: Pet Hairdressers

2) Golden Showers Plumbing & Heating

3) 24Play-Dope (a reference to TwentyFore Play by Janet Jackson, foreplay the sexual act, Play-Doh for kids and Dope as in the drug)

4) BandAIDs Bandages (reference to Band Aid and AIDS and play on the word bandages)