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I think i found the beta vcs ambassador boat on this page....

QUOTE"When I found this, it made me remember that good old mission from GTA VC called "The fastest Boat".

So I made this little cheat, which spawns the fastest boat of VCS at the Boatyard down at the Docks:

  1. cheat The fastest Boat

pspawn = 0x08E81290; setint(pspawn, 185); setfloat(pspawn + 0x4, -595.83, -1508.85, 6.50, 270);

It looks exactly like the normal Speeder, but it has no name displayed, if you enter it and it`s about 10 times as fast, as the normal one !

It seems to have a problem with the high speeds though. Because it`s too light, it will go straight up in the air when you go from 0 to 100 (probably even higher) to say so ! To avoid this problem, you should set the Cheatdevices Rocketboost to -2. The boat will still be a lot faster than the normal Speeder, but not so much that it raises into the air !"

just go on the page and press ctrl+f and type in "The Fastest Boat"

note that Brady Games Guide showed ambassador and a picture of speeder. The boat looks like speeder but IT HAS NO IN GAME NAME and is 10X FASTER which probably means that it is the boat....

i also found that Cubans were meant to have Empire Sites in beta (here )...

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