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  • Box 1 - Buzzard
    • Is being used by NOOSE guy
      • That gives possibility that on 6 stars you will be chased in Buzzards
    • Flies around tallest building in LS
  • Box 2 - Michael
    • Has the Bugstars mask & Outfit
  • Box 3 - Franklin
    • Face Unseen
    • Has the bag from the robbery
    • Drives a Sanchez in LS Water Canals
  • Box 4 - Bikini Girl
    • Same as in Beach Weather artwork
    • Holds iFruit phone in different position than in the original artwork
  • Box 5 - Trevor
    • Same as in Trevor Phillips artwork
    • Different background
  • Box 6 - Chop
    • Same as in Franklin & Chop artwork
    • Picture is mirrored and background has pink color
  • Box 7 - Michael
    • Drives a SpeedoPhile 2000 Jetski
    • Has a bag from the roberry
    • Swims in Santa Maria Beach
    • Has either a Lifeguard Vest or Body Armor
  • Box 8 - Franklin
    • Doesnt look like Franklin
      • Proven its Franklin by Clothes and a Pistol he always have on artworks
  • Box 9 - 9F
    • Black 9F
    • Chased by cops
    • Possibly hits a roadblock or is stuck in dead end with "POLICE DO NOT CROSS" sign randomly lying
    • Possibly in Downtown LS

Possible Mission event

In trailer, all 3 protags are seen robbing a store in Bugstars outfit and van. On artwork with all 3 protags we can see that the van is burning in background and that all 3 have their normal clothes on. This means that they changed clothes on journey or just took off the jumpsuits if it was put on over their clothes. Franklin got a dirtbike and went off. Michael got jetski and swimmed away. Trevor probably esacapes in that 9F or just went on foot like a boss.

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