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November 2, 2011
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    • Box 1 - Buzzard
      • Is being used by NOOSE guy
        • That gives possibility that on 6 stars you will be chased in Buzzards
      • Flies around tallest building in LS
    • Box 2 - Michael
      • Has the Bugstars mask & Outfit
    • Box 3 - Franklin
      • Face Unseen
      • Has the bag from the robbery
      • Drives a Sanchez in LS Water Canals
    • Box 4 - Bikini Girl
      • Same as in Beach Weather artwork
      • Holds iFruit phone in different position than in the original artwork
    • Box 5 - Trevor
      • Same as in Trevor Phillips artwork
      • Different background
    • Box 6 - Chop
      • Same as in Franklin & Chop artwork
      • Picture is mirrored and background has pink color
    • Box 7 - Michael
      • Drives a SpeedoPhile 2000 Jetski
      • Has a bag from the roberry
      • Swims in Sa…

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  • WildBrick142

    GTA V Boxart is Coming Soon! A painting has been spotted in Nexy York

    Ok, ignore. I didnt notice because the shitty editor would'nt load.

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  • WildBrick142

    Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories will be released to PSN.

    No news about Xbox though :(

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  • WildBrick142

    Rank 10

    December 31, 2012 by WildBrick142

    Alright. I was playing Co-op mode "Hangman's NOoSE". On one match i went across a hacker that spawned himself 120k of money and then killed everyone to fail mission. On later match I managed to survive and I got spawned 200k money along with others who survived. This got me to rank 5. 3-4 matches later, other cheater appeared but same thing happened. NOoSE vans ejected into sea by making them fly. And then the hacker spawned everyone over 5m of money and left match. I was in a team of a guy with Rank 1, a guy with Rank 2, and the cheater who was Rank 10. After we successfully finished it, we were all Rank 10. i took pics of the thing happening.

    So. Did anyone else got to maximum rank by cheaters?

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  • WildBrick142

    I am trying to spot some vehicles in GTA V trailer 2 so I will post pictures here and I would really appreciate help from someone in identyfying the vehicles.I will also post finds of vehicles that are brand new and the name is completely unknown.

    Admins, The pictures are ok. I have put the licensing as a "screenshot of GTA V" and named them how they should be with "-" instead of "_"...

    More to be added...

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