• Woolva

    Mount Chiliad Easter Egg

    September 19, 2013 by Woolva

    I Will be updating this article when i discover more information.

    All that is said here i have Discovered by my own means.

    What is the Mystery Around Mount Chiliad in GTA V.

    There are 8 Boxes on the "Map" 5 boxes have a "X" marked. Could the "X" marked boxes refer to the 5 white hieroglyphics found on the Mountain side? they all feature the same Symbol of the "Sun" on the top of the Unknown "Map" and then a Unique symbol just below it.

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    The other 3 boxes appear to show a U.F.O an EGG and a what appears to be a person flying a jetpack.

    The U.F.O could be a reference to the U.F.O Found in the bottom of the ocean just North of Mount Chiliad. You will need the Submarine to dive there.

    There is also an Achievement/Tro…

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