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Hi, welcome to GTA Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the GTA 5 Wishlist page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Gta-mysteries (Talk) 03:07, 2010 May 16

Dr.weird117, i liked what you said about bringing back the hunter on gta5 wishlist

Removing some things

Note: I'm not here to arguing with you just here to fix somthings

I saw you remove some things I edited, i just wanted to clear some things up before I get in trouble from Ilanxd, because I told him I would only add 100% info (which I did).

1. Now I understand that you fixed some grammer errors I made, that's understandable. What got me is that you thought that that Michael in the vietnam war was real. It was just a metaphor that was added by Dan Houser that Michael is like a guy who retired from bank robbing but still believe that he needs to do something because he's bored so he robs more banks even though he is retire from that.

2.During the Trevor page, you said that the Franklin section was delete because it was mostly speculative/unconfirmed, when I clear got information from websites and even added a source section for where I got that info from.

Like I said I'm not trying to start mess load of trouble with you, I'm trying to fix things about those reverts you did and confirmed that before I wanted to add back those pieces of info to those pages.

Thanks for understanding!! Painkill (talk) 07:39, January 4, 2013 (UTC)



Wow, I'm sorry. :S Regarding the Michael entry, I had no idea that Mr. Houser had said that. I probably read it wrong and got confused by the wording. As for the Franklin section, I apologize. I didn't see the sources that you added. Could I have those sources? I ask not to doubt you, but because I feel that I'm misinformed. Please, link me to those sites so I can understand Franklin's story better. I apologize for wrongly editing your entries due to my failures to understand. I really feel stupid now. I'm rather new to Wikia, so I suppose I should learn to navigate these pages before I dive into Grammar Hitler mode and calling things "unprofessionally written".

Tell llanxd that your information was true, and that I apologize for barging in and ruining things. :P

Again, I apologize for wrongly editing your entries.

Sincerely, DrWeird117 (talk) 06:41, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

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