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What do you think??

Hello Firulice, im sorry to bother you but i want your opinion on my "story" that i made. I thought if they made a game of it, it would be really awesome, well it kinda fits in the catagory of gta5 wishlist but i want to make sure someone see's it (because useually knowone reads all the wishes in the wishlist)

here it is:

Title: Grand Theft Auto 5 Vice City: Corrupt Vacations

Have the plot be something like this:

'It's 1995, Carl Johnson again has to escape the pressures of life in San Andreas, so instead of running back to Liberty City to steal cars and forget about the past, his destiny takes him to a city simular to his home, except worse, and most of all, corrupted. It used to be known as Vice City to the gangs that infest the place, and it was seemingly a hotspot for vacations, but after the mayor and just one too many pedestrians and hollywood stars were killed, it turned into a city runned by mafia gorrila's and cholo scum. Though Carl Johnson is severely aware of the habitat, he flys there himself in a hydra and when he lands at Escobar Internatiional Airport, he get's the very oppisite of a nice warmly welcome....To his suprise, Salvatore Leone himself was packing a heat seeking rocket launcher "since after there last talk didnt go so well" , and he was standing right in the middle of the landing strip. He shot once, but failed to hit for the fact Carl packed some countermeasures in his customly modified hydra. Taking no chances, Mr. Leone got the hell out of there speeding away in "his" mid-sized limo, which later turned out to be Avery Carrington's.

To be Continued.......

There may be some spelling errors etc..... Majorhawke 02:13, October 24, 2010 (UTC)

Do you like it??.....

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