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The Enforcer is a law enforcement vehicle featured in both the 3D Universe and HD Universe. It is manufactured by Brute in the HD Universe.

It is called out once the player has reached a four-star wanted level (three in Chinatown Wars), containing SWAT Officers (or, in the case of GTA IV, NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officers). It has seating for up to four people, including the driver.


3D Universe

Between GTA III and GTA Vice City Stories, the Enforcer is designed as a truck-based, long chassis emergency response vehicle, apparently based on a 1980s-1990s NYPD Freightliner "E33" Emergency Response Unit truck [1][2], similar in body construction, livery design and minor details and also on the Ford L-Series; differences were negligible between games.

The Enforcer bears "POLICE" markings, except in GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories, where it has "SWAT" markings (as some forces ceased to officially use the term SWAT over time, this may be seen as a nod to historical accuracy). Police liveries of the Enforcer depend largely on those found on local police cars, although for GTA Vice City Stories, the game's Enforcer features a black-and-white livery, contrary to the VCPD Cruiser's green-and-white livery. Much like the "Police" car, the Enforcer in GTA III is revealed in a pre-release screenshot to originally feature a blue-and-white livery; it can be assumed that the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City may have prompted the same recoloring that gave the vehicle its present black-and-white color.

As with all emergency/police vehicles, the Enforcer is equipped with sirens and lights which will cause other traffic to move out of the way when active. Although supposedly heavily armored, the truck is not bulletproof, although it is relatively resilient.

HD Universe


Shared badging on the Securicar, Police Stockade and Enforcer.

In the HD Universe, the Enforcer shares a chassis with the Securicar and Police Stockade (based on an armored 1989-2001 International 4700 Series, but the front turning signals have been omitted). It bears the NOOSE livery, and "Liberty City Tactical Response Unit" markings. It comes with a black finish and cannot be washed at a car wish like every other Emergency Vehicles. It is labeled as being manufactured by Brute as an 8000cc "Turbocharged" and also bears "8000 Stockade" badging. As the player, the horn sounds like the Mule and/or the Yankee.

The vehicle is heavily armored with an Impregnable Armor, featuring "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT" as a company slogan) brand badges present to the lower back of the vehicle's cab), rendering it almost completely bulletproof; while most vehicles can be destroyed by a shotgun shell to the fuel tank, this does not apply to the Enforcer. The vehicle is still vulnerable to explosion damage and while a steel mesh grating over the windshield protects the driver and front passenger from frontal assault, the cabin's side windows are not armored. It does not have a Police Computer, unlike the other Law Enforcement Vehicles (except for the Annihilator and Police Maverick) because it is used by the NOOSE Tactical Response Unit Officers who are only called for interventions.

Nstockade livery

Enforcer decals.

Like the NOOSE Cruiser and NOOSE Patriot, the Enforcer is equipped with a LED light bar does not make a distorted sound after being crushed or shot at with a weapon.

The rear axle of this vehicle is also unique as compared to most of the heavy vehicles in GTA IV, as instead of having double wheel for each side of the rear axle, this vehicle has only one wheel for each side of the rear axle which is uncommon for most of the heavy vehicles. This vehicle does not power with air-brake but instead, it powers with disc/disk-brake and/or drum brake.

The GTA Chinatown Wars rendition of the NOOSE Enforcer leans towards a van-based design similar to a Boxville, sharing the Alphamail's body design. The truck features a simple red-to-blue light-bar and a white stripe down the truck, presumably leading to the seal on the side, most likely reading 'NOOSE'.

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3D Universe

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The vehicle's overall performance is average-to-good. While large and heavy, the Enforcer's powerful engine allows it to accelerate well and reach high top speeds, while its cornering can be properly negotiated via the use of the handbrake. Its low clearance, small wheels and heavy weight, however, make it unsuited on rough terrain where it may roll easily.

HD Universe

In GTA IV, the Enforcer returns with a decreased top speed and less power than its 3D Universe counterpart. The vehicle still has a high top speed, however the acceleration minimizes the potential of the truck reaching it. The handling was also restricted; the truck now makes very slow turns, and the truck tends to tilt heavily upon cornering. The high-powered V8 is heavily protected to frontal crashes, and deformation is a rarity, unless the truck is faced with a explosive such as a Rocket Launcher or the APC's cannon. The truck is also very heavy, being on par with the Phantom, the truck makes good use of crashing or pushing other road users out of the way, with only scratches on the truck. Braking is also acceptable, though it is beaten by the Phantom and Mule.

The truck's armor makes it almost completely immune to gunfire, protecting the vehicle's engine and drivetrain and its occupants, making it perfect for police chases, armed robberies or general protection against gunfire. The Enforcer is also very immune to the APCs turret, being able to take many shots from it before bursting into flames, however the turret is to powerful for the truck to remain completely undamaged, as the truck will begin to deform after a couple of shots.

The player will gain armor upon entry of the vehicle.

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GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Parked in the backlot of the Staunton Island police headquarters. The gate into the area will only open if the player has a police vehicle. Alternately, the player can enter around the gate using the elevated veranda of the station's front entrance.

GTA Vice City

GTA San Andreas

GTA Vice City Stories


GTA Chinatown Wars

Obtaining the Enforcer in GTA IV

GTA IV is the only game in the series so far where the Enforcer does not have a spawn point at any police station, making it, along with the FIB Buffalo (without using Cheats) one of the hardest vehicles to obtain in the game. A quick and simple way to obtain one, however, is to approach the Middle Park East Safehouse and head down the block into the grounds of the Civilization Committee. Immediately entering the grounds of this building attracts a four-star wanted level. When an Enforcer begins to appear, the player can simply kill the NOOSE agents in it, and steal the Enforcer. They can also steal it in Francis International Airport, when you are automatically given 4 starts for trespassing. Once you have acquired it, park it into the parking spaces at the Middle Park East Safehouse. It is to note that Body Armor is recommended to have before using this tip, as NOOSE agents are heavily armed.  



  • If the player enters an Enforcer, he/she will receive a full Body Armor if he/she didn't have it before. If the player lost some of his/her armor, it will be 100% again, except in GTA IV where the player receive 20% of Body Armor when he/she enters (it works similar as the Health in case of Ambulances).

3D Universe

  • In GTA III and GTA Vice City, Enforcers have red-and-white lightbars; GTA San Andreas Enforcers feature red-and-amber lightbars. Both lightbars, however, flash red and blue when active.
  • In the Introduction (GTA III) the Enforcer that is on fire and flipped to its side on Callahan Bridge, is the Enforcer from GTA LCS. The main difference is the color of the word "POLICE" and darker shade of black.
  • The Enforcer's grill in the Mobile version is remastered.
  • In GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, the Enforcer doesn't feature a rear license plate.
  • In GTA III and GTA Vice City, Enforcers have red-and-white lightbars; GTA San Andreas Enforcers feature red-and-amber lightbars. Both lightbars, however, flash red and blue when active.
  • In GTA San Andreas, the Enforcer has LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) markings, regardless of where in the state it appears.
  • A pre-GTA IV Enforcer has been featured in Manhunt 2 as a van for the Project Militia.

HD Universe

  • In GTA IV, at 5 or 6 star wanted level, the back doors of the enforcer will open revealing two NOOSE officers. They will open fire from the back of the truck when approaching from behind. This is similar to other police who will fire from their car.
  • In GTA IV, the Enforcer has no windows, but when blown up, windows appear in its "wreck form" just like the Police Stockade.
  • In TBOGT, it takes at least 10 APC cannon rounds or Explosive Shotgun rounds to trigger the Enforcer to burn and explode.
  • After taking severe damage, the GTA IV Enforcer burns within the driver cab before exploding, just like the Securicar and the Police Stockade.
  • In GTA IV the Enforcer can be sold at S&M Auto Sales where as the other NOOSE Vehicles, Police Vehicles and the FIB Buffalo can't.
  • In Chinatown Wars, it is one of the three vehicles seen (though partially) in 3D (The Offshore Offload) along with Heston's Admiral (Evidence Dash) and the Ammu-Nation Yankee. Its license plate is "NOO 53" ("NOOSE" in leetspeak).

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