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"Great for cruising in the dirt or running an illegal across the border." description.

The Shitzu Vader is a motorcycle featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto V.


The bike's overall design appears to be inspired by early Kawasaki Z1000 models, featuring a similar shaped body and seat layout.


The Vader has a great top speed, but sub-par acceleration and braking ability. The bike features a lightweight body, which is beneficial through corners, as this grants the Vader very responsive handling. The lightweight body also means the Vader can easily perform wheelies because of the ease with which the front can be lifted by characters. The bike is however good for tricks as the poor brakes allow for better control during slides and endos.


There are two variations of this bike. One (pictured above) has twin exhausts mounted under the seat, and no license plate; while the other has large twin side exhausts and a Liberty City license plate.


The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • The player can spawn the Vader via the cheat code: 625-555-3273.
  • May also rarely spawn in parts of Algonquin and Alderney.
  • Spawns in traffic in TBoGT multiplayer.
  • Appears more frequently if the player is driving a Coquette or Super GT, especially around The Triangle and southern Alderney.




  • The default radio stations for the Vader are:
  • The Vader has the highest top speed (100 mph/160km) of any bike available in TBoGT. [1]
  • The name may be a nod to Darth Vader, the main antagonist of the Star Wars movies.
  • The name could also be a reference to the former WWE wrestler, Leon Allen White, a.k.a. Big Van Vader.
  • Vader is Dutch for the word "Father".

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