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"Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio."
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, to the Vagos members

The unnamed Vagos gang members are characters in the Grand Theft Auto series who appear as minor characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They are members of the Los Santos Vagos.


The gang members appear only during the mission Running Dog. CJ and Big Smoke go to East Los Santos and meet the two. They engage in a short conversation, and Smoke proceeds to beat one member up with a Baseball Bat while CJ chases and kills the other member.

Like Big Poppa and Freddy, they use a generic Vagos model.

Big Smoke calls one member Jose, although he was most likely just being derogatory, as "Jose" is a common Spanish name.

Mission appearances

The gang members appear in the following mission:



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