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Val-de-Grâce is a French high-class clothing brand featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


A Val-de-Grâce store can be found in Portola Drive in Rockford Hills, near Ponsonbys, although the store itself is inaccessible to the player. Their advertisements, which show a senile woman wearing jewelry, can also be found around Rockford Hills, particularly at the flagship Brawls store near the store and at the Rockford Plaza. The GTA Online Protagonist can also buy luxurious clothing from the company, as well as a tattoo of the company's logo on the neck of the protagonist. Some pedestrians may also be seen wearing Val-de-Grâce polo shirts.


Val-de-Grâce is most likely a parody of Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren. Their store in Portola Drive is based on the one owned by De Beers that is found on the real-life Rodeo Drive.



  • The name of the brand is most likely taken from the Val-de-Grâce military hospital in Paris.

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