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(Just because its leaders are Dominican doesn't mean this is a Latino gang.)
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[[es:Familia Vance]]
[[es:Familia Vance]]
[[Category:Gangs in GTA Vice City]]
[[Category:Gangs in GTA Vice City Stories]]
[[Category:Gangs in GTA Vice City Stories]]

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Vance crime family is a gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


In the beginning of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and during Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Vance Gang is made up of two main members, Victor and Lance Vance, of which Victor is the leader. Victor and Lance grew up poor and try drug trafficking to make a profit to live on and provide medical costs for their ill brother, Pete Vance after Victor is thrown out of the The United States Army. The Vance Gang was known to have seized control of many businesses and assets and became a large scale operation. After the events of Vice City Stories, in which Victor and Lance agree to leave Vice City temporarily the gang is dissolved, the only members remaining are Victor and Lance.


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