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"Replacing charm since 1852."

Vangelico is a luxury jewelry store located on Dorset Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos. According to a painting on the wall, Vangelico was founded in 1852.

It is robbed by Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton during The Jewel Store Job after their stunt in Marriage Counseling, where Michael pulled down Martin Madrazo's house.

The interior contains several displays with jewelry and luxury accessories, a cashier and an office. The store can be accessed until the heist mission. However, as soon the shop gets robbed, the place becomes completely inaccessible, blocked with a panel stating that the store is "Under renovations."

The shop is completely unaccessible on GTA Online.

Mission appearances


  • On top of the rooftop construction, there are some blueprints lying on a table. However, these blueprints appear to be that of the FIB Headquarters, meaning the model was simply reused.
  • Its title on BAWSAQ, VAG, is a possible reference to the short form of 'vagina'.


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