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Vanilla Unicorn

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Vanilla Unicorn
4.Vanilla Unicorn
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Name: Vanilla Unicorn
Owner: Trevor Philips
Type of Business: Strip Club
Established: Unknown
Location(s): Strawberry, Los Santos

Vanilla Unicorn is a strip club featured in Grand Theft Auto V located in StrawberryLos SantosSan Andreas. It has several sections, some known are the Real Class, and Beautiful Ladies Class. Franklin is seen in the club during his personal trailer, hanging out with Lamar. In the strip club, you can choose to have a stripper give you a bra-less dance in private, and you can be kicked out if the bouncer sees you touching her. If your character likes her enough, he can choose to take her home, similar to the girlfriends in GTA IV. Additionally, the strippers will be added to the characters' cell phone contacts, much like the women met in the Maisonette 9 from The Ballad of Gay Tony, and can be taken home without receiving a dance first.


You can pay any stripper $40 for a private dance. Strippers can be touched (although if caught by a bouncer 3 times, you will be thrown out) and flirted with to increase their Like meter. If the Like meter is high enough, the ability to get a double dance is unlocked. Strippers can be also taken to their home to have sex. However some strippers do not sleep around. After Trevor acquires the Vanilla Unicorn, Michael, Franklin and Trevor can all touch the strippers in the sight of the bouncers without being thrown out.

In GTA Online, the player can get a lap dance, again for $40. In it they can hold the stripper without worry of being kicked out. They once again must raise a like bar but can also use their microphone to flirt with the stripper. Filling the flirt bar will add a bit onto the like bar. Once the like bar is full, the stripper will give the player her number and if rung, she will come to the players apartment to perform free lap dances for the player and their friends.

  • Juliet  - Available to take home in GTA V.
  • Nikki - Available to take home in GTA V and GTA Online.
  • Infernus - Available to take home in GTA V.
  • Sapphire - Available to take home in GTA V.
  • Cheetah - Cannot be taken home.
  • Chastity - Available to take home in GTA Online.
  • Peach - Cannot be taken home.
  • Fufu - Available to take home in GTA Online.


  • The club's first appearance was in Franklin's trailer which was released on April 30, 2013.
  • Once Trevor acquires the club, he, Michael and Franklin cannot be thrown out.
  • The stage is shaped like a penis.
  • The club name is a play on the real-life strip club Spearmint Rhino, both names involving a flavor and an animal (though fictional in the unicorn case).
  • Wade never leaves the club after Trevor takes it over.
  • Once Trevor takes over the club, he can receive as many dances and drinks as he wants free of charge, although Michael and Franklin will still have to pay for their services.
  • Cheetah and Infernus are named after the cars of the same name.
  • A pre-release screenshot showing Trevor inside of the Vanilla Unicorn shows that originally, more than one girl could go onto the stage at once.
  • In front of the Vanilla Unicorn's entrance, there is a small area for parking vehicles which the players can use to store their cars while inside the club. The parking area can hold up to 2 cars.
  • The club keeps a large snake as a pet in the changing room.


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