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|manufacturer = [[Vapid]]*
|manufacturer = [[Vapid]]*
|related = [[Unknown pickup truck]]}} 
|related = [[Unknown pickup truck]]}} 
The [[Vapid]] '''Double Cab Truck''' is a four door pickup which makes it's debut appearance in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
The [[Vapid]] '''Double Cab Truck''' is a four door pickup which makes its debut appearance in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].

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  The Vapid Double Cab Truck is a four door pickup which makes its debut appearance in Grand Theft Auto V.


The truck's design features a linear theme and appears to be inspired by North American styling featured on the second generation Ford F250 Super Duty. It comes in double cab and crew cab variants.

The front of this truck illustrates the linear theme of the truck's design; the most distinct feature of the front face is the large, chrome-edged rectangular grille. The manufacturer emblem is located centrally, above a chrome horizontal strip. The headlight units are adjacent to the grille and are rectangular in shape. Beneath the grille and headlight units is the front bumper, which protrudes from the front face more than the grille. The hood of the truck features an elevated area whose edges are formed by boundaries that run from a corner of the grille to the windshield (parallel to the body's edge).

The sides of the truck further reinforce the linear design theme; being formed from a number of straight lines. The lower area of the body is elevated, with edges parallel to the base of the body. The truck features flared wheel arches to create a more muscular appearance. The main body line that splits the lower body from the upper body is entirely straight. The main body line runs from just above the top of the headlight units across to the rear face of the truck. Like the F250, the side windows of the truck feature a step near the A-pillar. In the small stepped area, wing mirrors are mounted on a polymer insert. The greenhouse is also a linear formation and the roof features five small lights near the front. The rear windshield of the cab is split into three sections. Behind the cabin area, a roll bar may be fitted to the load bed. The truck features side steps which span the cabin area. The truck features industrial-style wheels, wrapped in medium profile tires.

The rear of the truck completes the linear theme; having an entirely rectangular rear face. In between the main body line and elevated lower body area, the rear light units are placed. The rear light units are rectangular and placed on the corners of the body, they appear to be split into four sections. The rear bumpers at the base of the rear face protrude further than the elevated area. The bumpers are split so that a central rear tow hitch is accommodated for.



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