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A Vehicle Mine is a car mounted weapon in Grand Theft Auto 2. If a car or pedestrian comes in contact with the mine, it will blow them up.

Mines can be used to explode pursuers or to block an entrance to a weapon in a multiplayer game for example. When a mine is placed under a stationary car without a driver, the mine will only explode when someone enters the car. This is a neat trap to be used in multiplayer.

In multiplayer the vehicle mines are often used to blow chasing players unexpectedly. Also, they are used to block narrow streets (for example the Car Shops streets). Since the mines have a major impact on the gameplay, some players prefer to play without them on multiplayer.

The vehicle mines are available for sale on the Car Shops in both Residential and Industrial District, but not in Downtown District.

See also

  • Proximity Mines, a weapon used by the player on foot, but with the same functions.
  • Land Mine, a deleted weapon used by the player on foot, but with the same functions.


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