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Vehicles in GTA 2

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The following is a complete alphabetical listing of every vehicle which appears in [[
Name ScriptName Image Appearances and crusher rewards
Downtown District

T.V. Van

TVVAN TVVan-GTA2 Uncrushable Uncrushable Uncrushable

Government and emergency

<|Wreck6 |GTA2 CAR 71 |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |- |Wreck 7 |Wreck7 |GTA2 CAR 72 |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |- |Wreck 8 |Wreck8 |GTA2 CAR 73 |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |- |Wreck 9 |Wreck9 |GTA2 CAR 74 |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |style="background:silver"| |} </div>


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