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Vehicles in GTA III

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The following is a complete categorized listing of vehicles which can be driven, ridden on, or controlled in Grand Theft Auto III.

1 Banshee 2Cheetah 3 Infernus 4 Stinger

5 Bobcat 6 Landstalker 7 Patriot

8 Blista 9 Moonbeam 10 Mr Whoopee 11Panlantic 12 Pony 13 Rumpo 14Securicar 15TOYZ

16 Esperanto 17Idaho 18Manana 19Stallion

20 Kuruma 21Perennial 22Sentinel 23Stretch

24 Flatbed 25Linerunner 26Mule 27Yankee

28 Ambulance 29Borgnine 30Bus 31Cabbie 32Coach 33Fire Truck 34Taxi 35Trashmaster

36 BF Injection 37Dodo 38RC Bandit 39Train

40 Barracks OL 41Enforcer 42FBI Car 43Police Car 44Rhino

45 Ghost (GHOST missing) 46Predator 47Reefer 48Speeder

49 Cartel Cruiser 50 hoods rumpo xl 51 diablo stalion 52 yardie lobo 53 triad fish van 54 mr wongs

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there are 56 vehicles

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